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04-21-2010, 07:22 PM
I play on my 15,4" laptop with 1680x1050(WSXGA+) screen and since the density of pixels here is far greater than on classic desktop monitor, the UI is... let's say tiny. I have problem to even read some numbers during the play rush.

I suggest to add slider to options to adjust(increase/decrease) the scale of the UI(similar to the World of Warcraft feature).

EDIT: I will create new suggestion thread dedicated to this function with non-public poll soon.

Also the objects in rendered scene looks tiny and some heroes seems undistinguishable due the tiny size of details. This could be fixed with, already in game, zoom, if not otherwise. That of course lowers the effective area you can see.

I play regularly DotA and there is everything readable and all units/heroes are perfectly distinguishable, even in that mentioned resolution(registry edited, ol' W3 :smile:).

I would appreciate any comments from other notebook gamers, users with similar experience, questions to me, official responses and correction of grammar/semantics.


04-21-2010, 07:33 PM
I am sorry to smear this into your face...

Notebooks as of now really ARE only for use in places, where you need them. "HIGH END GAMING COMPUTER NOTEBOOKS" are utter crap and should be considered junk in all honesty. I'm very sorry for you that you had to buy a laptop for play a game on ... (I bought mine to use it to study with ...) Hope that gets into your head, sometime.

04-22-2010, 09:29 AM
Thank you for you non-objective non-constructive answer.

I am really not sorry at all to smear this into your face... but you are so limited in thinking :p

As you said, notebooks are for in use in places you need 'em, ok that's one. I don't really want to grab a 22" monitor and 12kg PC case and travel with 'em half-way across the Czech Republic via means of mass transport twice a week. No thanks.

Notebooks are PCs, that means you can run the same applications on them as well on desktops, that should be considered. Each one has it's own advantages and disadvantages, and it only depends on user which one would suit his needs.

If you trying to say that notebooks aren't an issue here, you're wrong. I know plenty of people who use notebook as their primary PC, so they also play games on 'em. You can also look closely on trend of sales notebooks/desktops.

If you trying to say "go and buy 2(or more) desktops and netbook, cause desktops are superior for gaming" yes they are, but I am not Paris Hilton($$$) and as I said, the choice depends on user preferences and accounting all variables and advantages/disadvantages.

I am sorry if you had a bitter experience with "gaming" notebook(and that's how you can call any notebook with discrete non-professional graphics) that made you so hateful... and limited.

Next one please.

EDIT: I hope that S2 Games costumer care doesn't look like your post.
EDIT: PS: stick back to the topic, that is "playing HoN on display with high density of pixels, typically notebook displays" not "desktop vs. notebook", thanks