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  1. [Model] Gladiator New skin
  2. [Sound] [Request] Devourer om nom nom SOUND
  3. Hon weather guided by the Windows weather gadget
  4. Skinny Blue Kraken as Facelesvoid texture for Chronos
  5. [UI Mod] Replay hotkeys
  6. Mod for adding scout pickers to banlist.
  7. [Texture] Winter / Christmas / Holiday Heroes
  8. [UI Mod] Karaoke
  9. [Application] Request
  10. Your own music in HoN
  11. [UI Mod] Hero Counter Info
  12. [Application] Extended Random Mod!
  13. [Model] Doctor Repulsor - Master Yoda?
  14. Delete the new kraken
  15. Missing buttons with hero icons
  16. Old stats style
  17. [Application] Wards/Gem Attack Range (profesional picture inside)
  18. [Application] Actuall spell damage.
  19. [UI Mod] mini ui auto ability alone
  20. Banlist Mod
  21. [Sound] immortal
  22. Wildsoul into Pedobear
  23. [Sound] Request Sound Mod
  24. [UI Mod] Remove the newly added reset stats buttons
  25. [Support] Possible to check a user's location?
  26. [UI Mod] Request: Last Time Games Stats Screen
  27. [Sound] Dark Templar Magebane
  28. [UI Mod] Request: Disconnect + immediately Reconnect
  29. Winning / Losing Streak?
  30. Dragon ball Z (Goku) Flint beastwood
  31. [Application] Global Banlist - Why not?
  32. [UI Mod] Auto Courier
  33. [Sound] req:Duke Nukem voice for sniper
  34. Barter Info Panel replacement
  35. [Sound] request sniper as Duke Nukem.
  36. [UI Mod] See who played with who
  37. [Sound] Enemy buyback notifier
  38. [Model] The Groke - Balphagore
  39. [UI Mod] right click tower deny
  40. [Sound] Rampage Ult sound
  41. [Sound] Die mr johnsn
  42. Ninja model for Night Hound
  43. [UI Mod] add to banlist button
  44. Last Target / Target Self
  45. Blizzard circles
  46. [Model] Lightning Revenant CD
  47. Request: Shop Re-Skin and Default Move
  48. [Model] Ninja model for Night Hound
  49. [Sound] You have made an enormous mistake
  50. Top 5 hero win percentage
  51. [Support] Constrain cursor
  52. [Sound] Choose wisely
  53. Favorite Hero is lobby avatar
  54. Replay Spectaor can see bot chats ?
  55. Bottle-Refill-Monkey
  56. [UI Mod] Minimap Modification
  57. [Sound] Hellbringer mod
  58. [Model] Witch Slayer - Gabriel Belmont
  59. Request: Pls New anime models
  60. *NSYNC Bye Bye Bye SMACKDOWN
  61. [Model] Accursed - Darth Vader
  62. [Sound] Like a boss!
  63. [Texture] Pandamonium as Grizzly bear or Wolf
  64. [Model] Blood Seeker Blood Hunter
  65. [Sound] Deadwood >RUB A DUB DUB THREE MEN IN A TUB!!!!
  66. [UI Mod] Country flags in the lobby
  67. Halloween stuff help !!!
  68. [Texture] Kong fashion!
  69. [UI]saving UI setting/position
  70. [UI Mod] Update Automatic hero picker
  71. [UI Mod] Larger Cursor request
  72. [UI Mod] Show tokens on minimap
  73. Real time GPM meter ?
  74. [UI Mod] Attack Modifier Changer
  75. [UI Mod] Request Hero panel + spell imune button (allied heroes)
  76. [Model] Mirana - Valkyrie
  77. Smart/Instant casting(I use this when playing LoL)
  78. [Model] Pokemon skins for HoN heroes!
  79. [UI Mod] Is showing chat from both side when you are a spectator possible?
  80. [Texture] Could I ask someone to make a few icons
  81. [UI Mod] Ward Timer
  82. Kongor Respawn Time in Respawn Timers integrated
  83. [Sound] Bubbles
  84. [UI Mod] Removing Static Info Messages
  85. Hellbringer is just plain wrong (READ)
  86. [Sound] Extract Gauntlets Grapple-sound
  87. [UI Mod] An up to date, user friendly interface
  88. [Sound] Duke Nukem sounds.
  89. [UI Mod] HoN DJ?
  90. Bleachsoundtracks
  91. Bill Cosby Glacius
  92. [Sound] Mario Sound when you last HIT
  93. [UI Mod] heres an idea. Stun Length Timer
  94. Change Immortal
  95. EHP Mod
  96. [Model] malphas - nightbringer
  97. legionnare mod
  98. [Model] Link
  99. [Support] pet control similar to league of legends
  100. [UI Mod] Hide stats
  101. [Application] Hero editor
  102. talk button toggle I DEMAND THIS
  103. [Model] Dora the explora as chronos
  104. Creepstats mod
  105. [Model] Any Wretched Hag remakes around?
  106. [UI Mod] taunt/smackdown cooldown
  107. Any mods if I don't like the clunky sever list integration?
  108. Show hero HP bars but not creeps.
  109. [UI Mod] Random Agi/Int/Str
  110. Alternate Ghost Marchers visual effect
  111. Tyrael Mod
  112. MatchMakingSystem
  113. [Sound] 28-days/weeks later sound track mod
  114. [UI Mod] EM Warner
  115. Heroes
  116. Mouse pointer / mod?
  117. Cast Bar Mod.
  118. Program to edit hero icons
  119. [Model] Looking for a custom Moon Queen
  120. [Texture] Heros with items!
  121. [Sound] this is long overdue
  122. Alternate hero picking sound
  123. Timestamps for your own Whispers?
  124. polly toungue sound
  125. [Model] Request CLOWN DEVOURER
  126. [Model] Make Fayde the model for Swiftblade
  127. [UI Mod] /picks
  128. [UI Mod] Update This Mods
  129. [Support] Region Location Mode
  130. [UI Mod] Progress Rating Mod (Ratings based on past X games)
  131. [Texture] Customizable team colors
  132. [Model] Sarah Kerrigan (before infection) as Forsaken Archer
  133. [Sound] Princess Mononoke Sound Pack
  134. [UI Mod] Cast on Self
  135. [UI Mod] Preset Commands?
  136. [Sound] Female Quake Announcer
  137. [UI Mod] DotA's Courier
  138. [Sound] Old Sound Mod in .honmod format please. =D
  139. [Support] Kingraven in game flame generator.
  140. Mod that shows country of the player
  141. Autorandom/Autopicker?
  142. [Sound] Lupin III as Scout - can someone create this epicness?
  143. Banlist alert?
  144. High resolution images
  145. Taunt HUD
  146. Gladiator to Kunkka model/skin change?
  147. [REQUEST] Behemoth to Earthshaker
  148. enemie/friendly outlines request
  149. camera smoothing for KEYBOARD only
  150. [UI Mod] Quiz Mini-Game
  151. [Sound] Change HoN music to all the songs from Mulan.
  152. [Sound] Where can I download this ?
  153. [Support] Gauntlet, simple question
  154. [Sound] Mortal kombat sounds
  155. [Model] cloud strife?
  156. [Sound] Metal Gear Solid 1 OST Music mod
  157. make witch slayer yusuke from yu yu hakusho
  158. [Model] Maliken Dragon Form
  159. [UI Mod] Clean Hero Highlighting
  160. Spec UI Ingame Unitframes
  161. [Model] Dismounted Forsaken Archer
  162. [Model] Bubbles as Blastoise
  163. [Model] Pudge
  164. [Support] Valk as Pantheon (LoL)
  165. [Model] port this model for flint please
  166. [Model] Scout -> Assassin (Ezio)
  167. Auto-whisper players when they join your game
  168. Auto-kick banlisted players
  169. [Model] Cloud Strife
  170. [UI Mod] Smackdown PLUS
  171. [UI Mod] cast times in skill descriptons
  172. Ui mods
  173. Blacksmith as Santa Claus
  174. [Model] Request for new Myrmidon model
  175. my reqest is...
  176. Command /clan message to /cm
  177. [UI Mod] Request a clean UI
  178. Disable new skins/models
  179. Mod for Deadwood's ult
  180. [UI Mod] Disable communication
  181. Mod request
  182. [Support] Request-Icy magmus Mod
  183. [Model] Neji Hyuga Skin
  184. ESPN song mod request
  185. [UI Mod] Current APM
  186. [UI Mod] Pupet master whipslash mod
  187. Sugestion for puppet master
  188. cant find this
  189. [Support] Can you turn a panel or frame upside down in hon?
  190. [UI Mod] Hotkey to toggle the visibility of a set of mov. frames
  191. Old UI and sounds
  192. [Application] Interface request!
  193. Replace new sounds and skins with default
  194. [UI Mod] Minor Interface Tweak
  195. [UI Mod] Gold Shild Mod
  196. Use new alternate skins as default for heroes
  197. [UI Mod] Icon Switcher
  198. No easy mode anymore and a stupid shop.
  199. [Map] Battleships Crossfire
  200. [UI Mod] %hero% killed %hero%
  201. [UI Mod] Quickfix, just need some code deleted.
  202. Map Editor Forum
  204. [Texture] indivual mods for each...
  205. [Model] Some Blizzard model requests
  206. Flamboyent Rainbow Text
  207. [Map] Tree Tag
  208. [Request] Best Heroes choice
  209. [Model] Could someone please edit the new MQ model
  210. serverbrowsing via tags
  211. [UI Mod] Rainbow text generator :D
  212. [UI Mod] Changing the splash screen
  213. [Support] Rune spawn probability
  214. [Support] HoN Editor Script tutorial
  215. [Model] Juggernaut model. :)
  216. [UI Mod] Bloodline Champions Movement/Camera
  217. [UI Mod] Remove the Store
  218. [UI Mod] Concede
  219. Requesting last hit mod
  220. link to big stats
  221. Stun Duration Mod?
  222. Better aura visual effect
  223. Some new account icons :)
  224. [Model] 2 HoN heroes, avatar into Dota heroes. PLEASE READ
  225. [Texture] A SwiftBlade With the Katanas sword
  226. Swiftblade katana pls
  227. [UI Mod] Revert 2.0.4 minimap icons
  228. [Model] Bombardier as Bomberman
  229. Disabling hero AI mod
  230. [UI Mod] Alt avatar picker redone
  231. [UI Mod] time till first game of the day in mm
  232. [Request] Same coloured team colours
  233. [Icons] New account icons
  234. [UI Mod] Camera Autofollow
  235. [Model] HARMONY Rampage
  236. [UI Mod] Pseudo-random hero picker
  237. [UI Mod] Create notes for friends
  238. [Support] Missing [HERO] mod - where?
  239. [Texture] Cirno as glacius
  240. [Request, UI mod]Simple, plain moviemaking Mod.
  241. Valk to POTM
  242. Arnold Schwarzenegger voice pack
  243. [Request] Instant banlist all team member.
  244. [Texture] Chewbacca project
  245. [Support] mods
  246. [UI Mod] Change volume of gamesound and modsounds seperatly
  247. Faroe Island Flag
  248. [RQ] Map Warlock
  249. [Sound] Unreal Tournament Taunts
  250. [UI Mod] MIA Button