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  1. Thunderbrand
  2. Last Ninja
  3. About Roles & Team Mode
  4. Belshazzar the Protector!
  5. game community
  6. The Taoist
  7. Nereid
  8. Lone Maiden
  9. A No-Backdooring Mode
  10. Launy the Bard - Unique Agility Support
  12. Sah'kal the Chaos God (DREAM - revised)
  13. The WarHead
  14. Get a priest hero?
  15. Giving orders to warbeast's dogs before they are spawned.
  16. WIP - New Hero, Kastle
  17. Weekly tournaments with entrance fee
  18. Bring back shift?
  19. Disconnecting Servers
  20. No decision Option
  21. Nymphora's pod gets hp
  22. Default stats view
  23. Support/Anti-gank, Heckle
  24. Whisper History
  25. Starting hon more then once
  26. Cetus a more or less Bradwarden port
  27. Steam
  28. Dream, Hero Revisions
  29. Gold Mine
  30. Weekly "Bad Game Pass"
  31. Gigas
  32. Incubus: The nightmare of Slithice
  33. Sinister Marksman ( clinkz semiport) Added Dream Hero
  34. Roost, the bremen musician
  35. New Runes?
  36. Scavenger
  37. In game Clan/Team search
  38. Semi-Port of OD, spell spamming hard carry/DPS
  39. The Reaper
  40. Heatseeker
  41. 3 team 3v3v3 map
  42. Noble STR Support
  43. Thief - Steal gold and items!
  44. Magebane's fake blink
  45. Elementalist
  46. Beauty Assassin (IN HEROES + ULTI ADDED) CLICK MY SIG!
  47. Void
  48. [AGI Ranged] Ole Lukje - (Ganker, Support) good synergy (unforced) Ulti in progress
  49. All we really want is to get in a game.
  50. clean up the clans from beta
  51. Courier hand off.
  52. Gauntlet's Grapple
  53. Null Stone
  54. Banlists effecting MM
  55. Remake of Blacksmith Ult (Less random)
  56. Fernglade Forest [NEW MAP]
  57. Mort N Tar, The Mortar Masters, Agil Pusher/gank
  58. Chaotic Flames (similar to Demon Hands)
  59. Lock-System
  60. Incentives to play other maps
  61. Free wards in EM?
  62. [Support] - Ascended Dragon R1 - Need Feedback and help fleshing out numbers for 2
  63. Clarify Team Roles
  64. Max lock system (host controlled)
  65. A mode for ex DotA players... (just a thought)
  66. Tristitia a real jester
  67. New Gamemodes (CTF maybe)
  68. Server looking
  69. Limited Ult(s) Question
  70. Hammerstorms Mighty Swing; let him use the momentum
  71. When a "remake" vote is passed you return to the lobby
  72. Collaboration Thread!
  73. Want to be able to ZOOM out more !!!
  74. HoN needs a bard!
  75. [Mode] Random Pick
  76. [Guide] HoN Heroes and their Roles
  77. [Interface] Sharing Banlists
  78. [AGI Melee] Lets fix Scout
  79. [STR Melee] Gor'eth the Horrible
  80. [Interface] whisper messages annoyances v1.3 :)
  81. [STR Melee] Aegis - Support
  82. [INT Ranged] Crafty Gnome
  83. [Mode] no stats needs a fix
  84. [Gameplay] MVP of the match award !!
  85. [Remake] Sand Wraith's Dissipate
  86. [AGI Melee] Visual based
  87. [INT Melee] Manifestation.
  88. [STR Melee] Legionnaire Revamp
  89. [INT Melee] Conjurer
  90. [AGI Ranged] Wildsoul: The Skilled "Beyond the RMouseBTN" Wildman
  91. [Template] Line graph on PSR Growth
  92. [STR Melee] Armadon
  93. [Gameplay] Gladiator: Vector The Chariot!
  94. [Remake] Blood Chalice Remake
  95. [INT Ranged] Dark Ophelia < Mini Arena Submission
  96. [STR Melee] Hammerstorm: Change Stun to Target Unit OR Position
  97. [INT Ranged] Archmage - Supporthero
  98. [Gameplay] Uphill Attacks - %miss to %damage
  99. [Interface] keyboard movement
  100. [Template] Hero Design Template - Might be useful to you!
  101. [Basic] Kraken....StoM...
  102. [Gameplay] Gameplay/Mode Regarding Clans
  103. [Gameplay] Devo rot rework
  104. [INT Ranged] no more luck on glac ult!
  105. [Visual] Cant see both chats at once in replay.
  106. [Interface] Join Game In Middle as Spectator?
  107. [STR Melee] Robo T-Rex
  108. [AGI Melee] Scorcher
  109. [Gameplay] some random suggestions
  110. [INT Ranged] tempest
  111. [INT Ranged] Lightning Elemental + Some contest submissions
  112. [Gameplay] Slight Post Haste change.
  113. [Remake] Matchmaking as a fortnightly tournament (of sorts)
  114. [AGI Melee] Swiftblade
  115. [Mode] Lane closure and no neutral creeps
  116. [AGI Melee] Scout's ultimate
  117. [Remake] Stats
  118. [Basic] Beating the trilane
  119. [INT Ranged] Vindicator's Sage's Lore skill issue
  120. [Remake] yet another blood chalice remake
  121. [Resource] I have a wish! (For some mana burn)
  122. [Gameplay] Make wards easier to buy?
  123. [Visual] Samurai with knifes?
  124. [Basic] Clutch Blood Chalice
  125. [INT Ranged] New type of CC
  126. [Template] Player Moderators.
  127. [INT Ranged] Dark Priestess
  128. [Gameplay] How to deal with afkers
  129. [Mode] No Stats server with drop punishment?
  130. [Mode] Reputation/voting
  131. [Mode] 6 vs 6 anyone
  132. [AGI Ranged] Valkery Javelin (Arrow) idea
  133. [Gameplay] Upgrading Keeper Of The Forest
  134. [Template] Devourer needs to get hit with the nerf bat.
  135. [Gameplay] No Stats Leavers
  136. [Resource] Want a clan tag that has been taken?
  137. [STR Melee] The Savage
  138. [Gameplay] Boost gold/XP of megacreeps -> closer, more exciting games
  139. [AGI Ranged] Plazmus - in memory of agi contest, it will not be forgotten!
  140. [Interface] PSR History graph
  141. [Visual] Camera zoom (not another why i cant zoom out in game)
  142. [Basic] Portal Key Disruptor
  143. [AGI Ranged] np-ma Neophyte
  144. [AGI Melee] More Agility Heroes pls
  145. [Template] Is it just me or is HON lacking in female characters...
  146. [INT Melee] New gank/support hero suggestion
  147. [Visual] Mouse scaling
  148. [Template] Kicking AFK hosts
  149. [STR Melee] The Unofficial Legionnaire Brainstorming Thread
  150. [Gameplay] Auto selection of summons
  151. [Template] Buy a complete item
  152. [Mode] Balance
  153. [Gameplay] Bringing back vote kicking
  154. [Gameplay] Hot-Swap Leavers for Friends
  155. [Remake] Chronos' ultimate mechanics change?
  156. Jeraziah
  157. [Mode] Master Mode
  158. [Remake] Wildsoul rework idea
  159. [Interface] "Request for leave" button
  160. [Gameplay] *NOT Buyback* Spend gold to shorten respawn timer.
  161. [Mode] Low Percentage Pick
  162. [Interface] Public warnings instead of suspension
  163. [INT Melee] Gadget ideas
  164. [Interface] זרו in banlist reasons
  165. [Gameplay] Change Patchday to Monday
  166. [Mode] Tired of leavers? Want to play with people less than 3,2 or 1% leaver %?
  167. [Mode] dev heroes
  168. [Interface] Dominic Fortitude Activation / Wards Count
  169. High Priest Support hero with an AOE mana regen
  170. [Gameplay] Granting a SmackDown function
  171. [INT Ranged] Mind Ripper [Ganker / Support]
  172. [Guide] Michael Burge's Mechanics/Math Post #1
  173. [INT Melee] [HERO] Linking-based sup hero?
  174. [Gameplay] A More Epic Kongor Encounter
  175. [Gameplay] Action game mode
  176. [Gameplay] Double click Blood Crazy to activate it on yourself
  177. [Visual] Hammerstorm ult effect
  178. [Gameplay] Separate servers for Russia and the rest of Europe
  179. [INT Ranged] Bubbles & SotM
  180. [Visual] Different animations for different attack speeds
  181. [Gameplay] Maliken's Hellbourne Zeal on illusions
  182. [Interface] Player stat view interface improvements.
  183. [Resource] Swap host whe hes afk for more than 30 sec
  184. [Interface] View Statistics - Recent Matches
  185. [Mode] Random Skills Mode
  186. [Remake] Imba suggestion for new hero
  187. [Interface] Banlist Stats
  188. [Gameplay] KoTF Armor
  189. [STR Melee] The Manly Hammerstorm Guide
  190. [AGI Ranged] Lilian The Gryphon Rider [Support Init/Ganker]
  191. [Gameplay] Buying the whole item
  192. [Template] Junky ideas
  193. [Visual] Player made skins in HoN 2.0
  194. [STR Melee] Vargulf
  195. [INT Ranged] Euriel
  196. [Map] 2 kinds of minimap pings
  197. [Interface] Clan Name/Rank should be on seperate lines.
  198. [Map] 3D map.
  199. [Map] Challenge Mode
  200. [AGI Melee] Agi hero needs more...
  201. [Gameplay] Casual Mode: 2 More changes
  202. [Interface] Music
  203. [Resource] Spell Tooltip In Hero Compendium
  204. [Mode] AI in HoN
  205. [Template] Hero Phrases
  206. [Interface] AFK Host kick vote
  207. [Gameplay] Improving the Context System
  208. [Interface] An improvement for the Locking System
  209. [INT Ranged] Slight change to thunderbringer
  210. [Template] Oops
  211. [Remake] Balphagore's E
  212. [Gameplay] Joining an In-Progress game (to spectate)
  213. [Gameplay] MatchMaking update
  214. [INT Ranged] Nymph Pod Tweak That Can Appease Both Sides of the Argument (With TL;DR)
  215. [Gameplay] Remake remake
  216. [Gameplay] German accent announcer pack!
  217. [AGI Ranged] Clyde Frog
  218. [STR Melee] Shieldmaiden
  219. [Basic] The Dagger from LotR!
  220. [Remake] Store Suggestion
  221. [Gameplay] Blacksmiths Frenzy with Multicast: Priority list
  222. [Gameplay] Custom Game Modes
  223. [Remake] need arab flag in the store
  224. [Interface] Name Tabbing
  225. [STR Melee] New Accursed Passive Suggestion
  226. [Gameplay] Banlist in MM
  227. [Resource] Coin Refund
  228. [Gameplay] MMR-Bracket Options for matchmaking?
  229. [Template] Afghan flag on the store
  230. [Map] New 5v5 Map(s)!
  231. [Template] Pakistan Flag
  232. [Mode] Advanced Game Options NT,NB,NM
  233. [Interface] Rematch function
  234. [Gameplay] Pre-purchased bonus!
  235. [Remake] Magebane remake!
  236. [Visual] 15 Minute Countdown Timer
  237. Magebane (Flash & Mana Rift)
  238. Magmus (Ultimate)
  239. [Mode] Coins for Counter-Warding
  240. [Remake] Ophelias turn to be on top :3
  241. [Visual] Bronze Shield if you're level 30 in LoL
  242. [INT Ranged] Vindicator's Master's Incantation
  243. [Mode] Kongers and Snotters (Sharks and Minnows)
  244. [Gameplay] PSR LOST and GAINED when player gets terminated
  245. [INT Ranged] Voidling- Support/Ganker
  246. [Mode] Spectator Mode
  247. [Gameplay] Pimp Announcer
  248. [Interface] Role preference(s) for the player profile
  249. [Basic] Night-Vision Something
  250. [Interface] Chat help with swap in Hero selection in SD