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  1. [Interface] Mouse
  2. [Gameplay] Blood Hunter - rework.
  3. [Gameplay] Community sided "hotfix" balancing system
  4. [Gameplay] Increase the Concede Vote Call Cooldown
  5. [Gameplay] Solstice Staff of the Master
  6. [Map] We should have had a nice new Mid War map by now
  7. [Map] Turn Mid Wars map into Diablo 3 greyhallow island style *PIC EXAMPLE*
  8. [Interface] Streamline / reduce the number of postgame screens
  9. [Interface] Trophy/emblems/stats
  10. [Visual] Why did Frostburn drop their own proposed idea (featured in video?)
  11. [Gameplay] New set of runes to pick from
  12. [Interface] Codex Linux
  13. [Gameplay] Leaver mechanic revision
  14. [Gameplay] Get the votekick back
  15. [Gameplay] Codex betting with glimmers
  16. [Visual] Add visual queue for Succubus Mesmerize invulnerability
  17. [Interface] Show account icon in hero pick phase in TMM