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  1. Search function for icons and symbols
  2. [Visual] Announcer delay
  3. [Visual] Show basic attack range indicator when hovering over attack stats
  4. [Visual] Gorebeard Levels
  5. [Visual] Winter UA solstice
  6. [Visual] Cyber samurai
  7. [Remake] Kane is back to his old pathetic self again.
  8. [Gameplay] Deadwood Rotten Grasp
  9. [Remake] Reworked Gnome Courier
  10. [Interface] Change Language Barrier
  11. [Gameplay] Banning Pick
  12. [Gameplay] 8Bit Smack down
  13. [Gameplay] Rune sounds for each Announcers
  14. [Map] YOLO WARS
  15. [Visual] Skrap E visual effect suggestion
  16. [Gameplay] Different Guides For Every Map
  17. [Gameplay] Queue Chat Suggestion
  18. [Gameplay] Fixing toxicity of the community issue
  19. [Gameplay] SEA and EU/NA merge into one bigger scene.
  20. [Map] Release the maps
  21. [Remake] Gunblade Rework
  22. [Gameplay] 4v5 sucks. Force a remake while still punishing the player who left
  23. [Interface] Two Simple Features.
  24. [Visual] Pimp Witch Slayer new spell effects
  25. [Gameplay] Vote system rework
  26. [Visual] Templates (maps)
  27. [Gameplay] My suggestions to HoN.
  28. [Interface] So, guides.. simple-ish improvement
  29. [Gameplay] Move the "Ready" button to before joining the game
  30. [Visual] Factions - Ever Changing Map Visual