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  1. Making new guides doesnt work
  2. Website: hero guide creation
  3. Legacy Symbol missing on forum
  4. Please fix Hon client download link
  5. Outdated Web Pages
  6. Replays Page broken...?
  7. Forum issues
  8. Forum function idea.
  9. [SUGGESTION] Merge and Clean up Forums
  10. Latest Patch - 01/06/2011
  11. Replay webpage
  12. Herodex and Tooltips
  13. Player Ladder Not Recording
  14. Frontpage
  15. Having trouble accessing Privacy changes
  16. Hon Down?
  17. Toggle Auras on Hero page need more detail.
  18. Please Update Your Download Links
  19. Any eta on http://xml.heroesofnewerth.com/?
  20. The official wiki (semi-suggestion)
  21. Sub Account Issues
  22. Please Fix The Mac Directory For 2.5.6
  23. CIS client account copy issue
  24. Clan Tag not showing up on Forums
  25. [Website] make statistic pages more informative
  26. Download page has old client
  27. Combative & Weapons shops in Guides
  28. Buy Coins does not work
  29. Lost account O.o??
  30. Icons Upload Failed
  31. Hon Wars Registration
  32. Forum comment upvote/downvote option.
  33. Phoenix Ra symbol isnt showing on the forums.
  34. Custom Icon Upload Failed - Authentication failed.
  35. Gravelocket in hero section
  36. The Calender
  37. Cant do anything on hon website
  38. Items: Arcana
  39. download Problem
  40. NSIS Error
  41. Hotmail problem.
  42. BS symbol on forum.
  43. Forum
  44. Change Email Adress
  45. Forums Log-in
  46. BB Code URL is not allowed
  47. Sig charecter limit?
  48. Replays?
  49. NO STATS
  50. Can you update the hero-view thingy?
  51. Cant download HoN
  53. Issues with acessing the forum
  54. other ways of getting goblin coins
  55. Hard lags!win 7 64 bit
  56. Discussion - Forum Rules.
  57. Moderation regarding the General Discussion section
  58. Please stop destroying the general forum
  59. Can't post in the forums
  60. Name color
  61. requesting permission to post in the suggestions forums
  62. Player ladder
  63. Lol, S2 your programmers missed some Code
  64. Outdated heroes on the site
  65. Linux support
  66. Pink Name Colour
  67. Cant play matchmaking cause of nonexistance of region section
  68. Buy Coins website - no https anymore?
  69. i cant buy goldcoins via paypal?! help please!
  70. Forum Bugs
  71. About forum announcements
  72. Dear Moderators...
  73. Tried to make a Thread directly in Quarantine
  74. Change log (up to date version?)
  75. Cant login in forums
  76. Can't log in
  77. Cupid Symbol.
  78. Ladder / Replay update
  79. Can't post on sub
  80. So I think the competitive streams on the website are so hidden.
  81. Player Ladder Update
  82. Missing Legacy Symbol
  83. Can't log in
  84. forum ***sorship
  86. You call this technical support? Really?
  87. Someone at S2 fix this bug tied to my account
  88. Pollywog symbol
  89. Why the replay system is broken and how to fix it (V2)
  90. Patch Discussing
  91. so... When is pink name going to be available in forums?
  92. Pollywog symbol
  93. WTH cant type in forums
  94. New patch causeing problems
  95. About forum censorship
  96. My guide was deleted?
  97. Forum Kuznya Blacksmith Chat Symbol
  98. Item descriptions missing details
  99. Teammates on left side are gone :-o
  100. Why was my General Discussion post about Devo's hook erased?
  101. Google Chrome - and these forums.
  102. Dream - down selection boxes
  103. FFS Let Us Talk
  104. I have a question about mods deleting posts
  105. I humbly suggest you hire a web designer
  106. Hero details and Hero Usage pages just go down?
  107. Problems with card payment
  108. Allow BB code [THREAD] in signatures
  109. New account, can't post on the forums.
  110. cant dl hon
  111. More Website Integration
  112. Why can't we post in Art Contest?
  113. Uploading Icon
  114. I can't put the image in the clan profile s:
  115. Heroes section
  116. S2 can't handle criticism?
  117. Who do I PM about mod abuse?
  118. Bugs with new forums
  119. Previous Infractions and Images in Signatures
  120. No more icon to the left, hard to tell unread from read
  121. Please extend Log-in Time!
  122. ♥ [Suggestion] Adding Rules of Conduct Footer Menu
  123. signature size limit?
  124. Date Formatting
  125. New forum bug?
  126. Forum looks too cluttered
  127. Tapatalk support?
  128. Savage 2 link
  129. My cousin is banned on the forums, he never used them before.
  130. New forum rules typos and rage
  131. Font Color Button Removed?
  132. Post Editor Mode - Preferences (?)
  133. Unimportant stuff ruining your forum experience ? [FIXED]
  134. Too much bloom when posting a reply/thread
  135. Forum unusable after loading without scrolling.
  136. player ladder/heroes/items
  137. newest heroes at main page
  138. Where can I find a posters HoN stats?
  139. LOVE the new forum design!
  140. Forum are maxium screen
  141. [Forum] 'Ask S2games' rethink
  142. Things the new forum is lacking
  143. new forums make me sad :(
  144. Why can we only have one video per thread?
  145. Website - Hero - Berserker
  146. So many gorilla heads.
  147. Name Change Glitches Forum Login
  148. Website Improvements
  149. Get the old forums back
  150. Make the monkey head bigger! As it was.
  151. New forum slow?
  152. Are there plans to update the website Hero list details?
  153. Monkey Courier Award???
  154. Player Ladder.
  155. New forums are a step back
  156. Getting the same PM 3-4 times - bug or user error?
  157. Incorrect skill description for Vindicator on the site
  158. About the Download
  159. Buggy forum or my browser?
  160. Outdated HoN Website
  161. Purchase Denied.
  162. Provide Updated versions of the installer for linux
  163. Do I get alchemist bones?
  164. Balance Discussion - why your thread didn't get approved
  165. Cant purchase Gold Coins per Infin SMS
  166. Player Ladder
  167. My icon is missing
  168. Clan Error
  169. Hero Info on website opdated please!
  170. Private messages not working
  171. The new forum rules discussion
  172. Clan tag on forum
  173. Can't see my sent PM's.
  174. Please add a stats feature!
  175. Forum Delay?
  176. Thanks for the bigger Monkeyheads Chavo!
  177. Can we have the forum breadcrumbs links at the bottom of the page, too?
  178. Suggestion
  179. site heroes item recomendet
  180. Clan tag and avatar
  181. HoN Forums
  182. Plz dont redirect me to Korean website plz
  183. Logging in!
  184. Homepage not working for me
  185. How to buy subaccount with paypal?
  186. Banned for no reason please help!
  187. Referral link broken
  188. Referring a Friend is being prevented by the splashscreen.
  189. Hero page update
  190. Stat reset Not working
  191. Match history on site not working?
  192. linking gd to a suggestion thread
  193. Can't get my foot in the door
  194. Search button doesn't work properly
  195. Searching for hon forums on google
  196. How can you add a clan tag before your forum nick?
  197. New notification system?
  198. Forum acct doesn't stay logged in.
  199. Subaccount on forum
  200. New forum website is slow as a SLUG
  201. Please Look At This
  202. A question to Moderators
  203. Kudos on avatar shuffle survey
  204. Game Download does not work
  205. Cannot download replays or see information about them
  206. How to upload pictures on Hon Dream Hero Maker
  207. Forum App
  208. Clan tag delete/ change
  209. PLEASE fix the website replay page
  210. Is it just me or...
  211. Player Ladder not working?
  212. Media Section of the HoN website
  213. Ravenors name hidden under close button
  214. Guide maker - having trouble with the items..
  215. Ravenor name hidden under close
  216. Can seomeone plz explain what is this ?
  217. What does infraction mean ?
  218. FORUM - impossible to upload files.
  219. can't buy gold coins
  220. HELP i didnt got my 1500 Goblin Coins !
  221. overlap of thread info on forums
  222. Customer Service - Change Password
  223. Poll Results should auto-reveal themselves after the poll gets closed
  224. unable to post?
  225. I turned mobile mode on! How do I turn it off?
  226. Money for referal?
  227. Signature
  228. Account creation
  229. Create Guide bugged?
  230. purchase.php loading forever
  231. Customer Service
  232. To customer service
  233. Small Issue on the "Support" section of the HoN Website
  234. New heroes section feedback
  235. Small Bug on Sacrificial Stone when creating a Guide
  236. My accounte is not working on Website........
  237. help please
  238. My Account Is Not Working on the Website
  239. Repeat thread prevention?
  240. Delayed replies?
  241. CAnnot log in
  242. Hammerstorm... Trojan?
  243. Multiple Issues
  244. Sacrificial Stone - Web-sided Bugs
  245. Twitching quoted text while scrolling
  246. Change Nickname Format
  247. Error in the purchase system that's not mentioned in the support wiki
  248. S2 can you give more attention to other boards?
  249. ♥ SBT blue name color on forums
  250. Linebreaks