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  1. In General
  2. I don't hate your culture, I hate your lag.
  3. MM is more broken than ever
  4. How come every new alt avatar is so expensive?
  5. "Fairer" Games is a complete lie.
  6. Good news everyone
  7. PSA for sd players
  8. Retards s2, serious post..
  9. I truly love matchmaking sometimes
  10. How HoN works from a techincal perspective, and what the **** is wrong with it lately?
  12. Fairer matches.... yeah
  13. HoN Logic
  14. FIX new Ra alt
  15. Our Leader Maliken
  16. GJ on closing my thread about bad quality on Ra alt
  17. New reconnect not working
  18. S2 pls fix it
  19. EU server
  20. How to fail a Patch
  21. Every week S2'd
  22. f i x t h e m a c u p d a t e
  23. do you guys even test your updates?
  24. Refund for shadowblade?
  25. where did slither go ?
  26. S2 good job on gemini!
  27. Wtf is wrong with this game ??? Seriously
  28. Mods high atm?
  29. Same issues all time, S2'd!
  30. Fu S2
  31. Great patch, reconnect not working.
  32. Bug
  33. Why are kids so bad at hon?
  34. Not able to reconnect
  35. SO BAD
  36. HoN is a joke to me(non troll please read)
  37. Good Job S2?
  38. Queue Waiting Time
  39. Nomad must die
  40. hon client is 800 mb
  41. The estimated wait time is a lie
  42. silver coin purchasing
  43. What annoys you most about the LoL community?
  44. Dark Zealot
  45. Tired of the errors
  46. Queue times long?
  47. New concede time
  48. If Anything, THIS is why S2 deserves to be Abandoned
  49. Do us better players a favor.
  50. Why almost all alt avatars are so expensive?
  51. Nice wait time
  52. Silver coins for what?
  53. Server has timed out.
  54. Hello S2
  55. Sorry S2 but..
  56. longest time waited for a match
  57. Do you remember when....
  58. S2 - ВЫ СРАНЫЕ УЁБКИ!!!
  59. Last patch reduced hon memory usage by 500MB
  60. f2p
  61. Gravekeeper
  62. Let's have ice cream an cookies, S2
  63. Why, just why
  64. S2 s@cks....bad ideat to devide (dont delete thread)
  65. Nice Step ;)
  66. I am no russian but S2 not giving a solution to russian MAC users is just wrong!!!
  67. So, if i had 10.000 silver coins...
  68. Utter Disappointment @ Lack of SOPA/PIPA Message from S2
  69. Why don't you just remove old heroes
  70. Why's everything 3000 silver coins and up?
  71. How is this "Fair"
  72. Just another Gemini hate thread
  73. So all turks just got stomped by s2 and their servers
  74. int HON Account re-Pay
  75. So, I heard you like shorter queues
  76. MM algorithm is screwed up
  77. gemini op? old zephyr was unkillable.
  78. Gemini
  79. In b4 delete
  80. Fix the prob!!
  81. Zephyr
  82. HHAHAHA This time the game is really broken :D
  83. S2 What the F*ck is this?
  84. Why are there silver coins?
  85. oh S2, whyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!???
  86. HoN is DEAD? Don't panic DOTA 2 is coming.
  87. We didnt like fayde alt, dont move or delete this one s2
  88. $2 sup..
  89. plz explain to me how...
  90. 25% off Silver Coins aswell as 50% gold?
  91. READ THIS....
  92. 2,500 silver for gypsy fayde
  93. Why does my game look like this?
  94. Nice fraud S2
  95. can people stop
  96. WTF am i paying you for, S2?
  97. Wtf S2
  98. Crap patch!!
  99. S2
  100. legacy accounts?
  101. HoN community????
  102. So, 1500 Silver coins yet...
  103. haha s2 ur pathethic
  104. What the hell is going on ...
  105. no response from server and lags! all read
  106. S2 games oh my god dc from chat server
  107. That's called a nerf?
  108. Far from satisfied.
  109. if you could write on the mac sound fix announcement
  110. S2 Alt Avatar Prices..
  111. Can we make it so Browns can not pick carries?
  112. Hon just suck after last patches..
  113. anyone notice..
  114. Hello S2 and thank you for fixing +0/-0 games ! ! !
  115. I have finally found the reason 1500's play!
  116. What is wrong with these ppl ???!?!?
  117. Jokesory
  118. 'Get on my level, hoe'
  119. I can't believe you removed kick abuse from reportable stuff
  120. Kick Abuse
  121. Still no flags?Srsly?
  122. ****tard lag in HoN
  123. Haha, Hon is great
  124. gemini BROKE
  125. Why no changes to Nomad?
  126. Geomancer NERF
  127. Smurfing is dead....
  128. MMR fail?
  129. another avatar!3000 silver
  130. Can't say one good thing about S2.
  131. Thanks $2.
  132. Drunken Master too powerfull?
  133. I remember when this game was actually good
  134. $$$
  135. Stop with the new heroes already...
  136. There are so many good Heroes at "Dream"
  137. Haha... Berseker, how novel!
  138. Russian Blacksmith
  139. Alt Avatar Prices(silver)
  140. Wait so you can make people change their names?
  141. S2 Y U NO make PM and Pred Alt?
  142. Alt Avatar Prices
  143. Another S2 complaint thread
  144. S2 is horrible
  145. Free players dont need coins.
  146. whats wrong with hon?
  147. Will you fix your servers?
  148. Fairer matches
  149. I've come to the conclusion...
  151. Reset silver coins
  152. Flint Beastwood Hero Spotlight (pt-br)
  153. pls help me
  154. Servers are sucking horse penis today
  155. WTF S2?
  156. Thanks S2 for this great report-a-player function.
  157. Give each her an alt avatar, then double up.
  158. No point playing Monarch
  159. testie looks like a skinny breakycpk
  160. I used to be a forum troll like you ...
  161. Free Accounts are retarded
  162. S2 I demand you fix my custom account.
  163. The EA concept
  164. s2 games seriously....
  165. Classic pollywog priest PRICE
  166. Berzerker OP
  167. Nice ****ing job s2
  168. Angry about unfair 9 man kick
  169. How retarded is the MM system?
  170. S2, Y u no generous??
  171. It's over 9000! -Problem Merrick?
  172. s2 out of ideas?
  173. Every time I try to come back to HoN
  174. Gold Coinz
  175. Yukari also quits HoN. His good bye post
  176. Check this out
  177. oh please, **** you s2 .!.
  178. did arma get buffed?
  179. GGGLHF
  180. Nice fair matches queu, retarded S2
  181. What a joke.
  182. This community truly is...
  183. #nazi moderators
  184. Nice Dodge, Diva.
  185. No more horsemen pls!!!!
  186. Previous infraction concerning custom account icon.
  187. Gorb...
  188. The IQ of most HoN players.
  189. Reduce the number of heroes in this game to 12
  190. S2rachna
  191. Your colour decides your position - is that racism?
  192. This games kick system...
  193. So events in this game involve spending money, correct?
  194. HoN > Sack of Potatoes?
  195. S2 does it again.
  196. So tell me what role is Zephyr?
  197. Play Now!
  198. Will old artists ever come back?
  199. Apparantly, people can get random bans now.
  200. delete rampage and fade
  201. Regarding the music choice in S2 videos.
  202. About your prices and why they should be lowered.
  203. Uninstalled: I blame EA.
  204. So a streamer get Fats-Ban and 99% smurfers (ofc they grief) are free to grief??
  205. Future of hon. Sad story
  206. S2 fracking gets it
  207. Did you ever wonder why you bought HoN?
  208. Berzererk a fail design
  209. Giving up on collecting limited edition avatars.
  210. pestilence avatar
  211. Please s2 return me my mmr back
  212. And again for idiots that still cant get whats is bad about mmr compression
  213. Draconis
  214. cool, another tanky dps that farms creep waves for zero mana
  215. Why merge 2 useless DotA heroes toghether?
  216. come on...
  217. When will you fix this broken MMR?
  218. Pink Hearts
  219. Forum Pink Diamond
  220. Who Would buy all of 5 Horsemen Anyways?
  221. IM SERIOUS when i ask WHEN are you gonna fix ew traps
  222. Mac Microphone Not Working
  223. Seriously you guys... AFK hosts is a joke.
  224. The shop wont let me buy Draconis (New hero)
  225. Draconis: The requested item is not available for purchase at this time.
  226. Draconis' alt Avatar
  227. Cant Purchase Draconis
  228. still unable to buy draconis
  229. Contents of the last several patches
  230. Patch 2.5.11 thread closed?
  231. year of the (water) dragon myrm and hydra
  232. Dumb supports crying
  233. Funny how people judge EA heroes
  234. Balance Patches - what happened to them?
  235. The fall of a titan
  236. MM alghoritm
  237. Revenant - horrible design
  238. I am a Freaking Dragon! I got this!
  239. Typo (I hope...)
  240. Please leave!!!! :@
  241. ****ing crash reports
  242. Drakon sucks
  243. Stats still not recording?...
  244. Why the **** does this **** game crash every time i disconnect
  245. Double MMR loss when disconnected
  246. HoN rude community
  247. Fail to retrive match info again !!!!!
  248. Did anyone else rofl?
  249. Stats fckd again
  250. I'm done buying your horsemen