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  1. Trannies who play HoN
  2. When pros play Hon.
  3. Why isn't blacksmith taken as seriously as blacksmith vs blacksmith?
  4. Why isn't 0v0 taken as seriously as 0,5v0,5 or 0,75v0,75?
  5. Empath: Trash
  6. Pebbles: Trash
  7. Another Picture thread: How you feel about HoN
  8. Free account
  9. Why isnt 0.5 vs 0.5 taken seriously as 1 vs three quarters?
  10. Obamas CIA Staff
  11. Confirmation please: Neutral Hitler avatar allowed?
  12. 2.0.38 Patch Notes
  13. AWESOME PATCH! Thanks for all the Hero Rebalancing, cool bonus: N1 Avatar. Love you S2 <3
  14. S2 Forcing New Shop Usage - Unacceptable / Ruined My Game
  15. Why is HON complete bullshit?
  16. Ctrl - C + Ctrl - V
  17. new patch-> cant open shop, cant use keyboard->HoN reinstalled -> cant reconnect
  18. ****ing S2, you're awesome
  19. Crash w installing 1.38!
  20. "Fixed hitting S or H while connecting to a server causing the game to never load"
  21. Make the creep XP range global
  22. Abusive Immature Gamers
  23. Anyone else sick of seeing Heroes of Newerth Heroes nearly every game?
  24. Here's real proof why matchmaking is terrible
  25. Proof of Time Travels and End of World
  26. f*ck you s2
  27. Blacksmith avatar and 2000coin gift.
  28. SK2 in violation with international law?
  29. "I definitely feel like LoL is growing interest in eSports"
  30. Scout possibly overpower??
  31. warbeast possibly overpowered?
  32. My gf possibly overpowered?
  33. Icing the shop
  34. jewballz icon
  35. Serious discussion regarding the giveaway of the Leprechaun Blacksmith
  36. Buff that Tree pls
  37. Is this offensive????
  38. S2 Boycott
  39. So I am betting atm some of you are doing this over the blacksmith skin promo
  40. Farmed glacius vs. farmed myrmidon lategame
  41. Thought I'll just leave this here.
  42. Best part of IGN promotion.
  43. DDOS
  44. GG s2 you lose
  45. Explain yourself, $hit2.
  46. lol
  47. New blacksmith song?
  48. Blacksmith is wayne, but is anyone pissed off too, because the taunt can be buy????
  49. GG FR, next up swetards (probably)
  50. S2's way to make heroes
  51. Once opon a time....
  52. This is what your typical HoN troll / flamer looks like IRL
  53. Your impression Orphelia?
  54. The awkward moment when you're playing HoN and....
  55. I did not know LulzSec had an opinion on this :)
  56. Add Brazil servers to MethMaking
  57. time to vanquish demons from the $2 staff
  58. Have you ever?
  60. so my friend and I
  61. Try not to random if you can't play.
  62. Under 1000 psr? LOOK HERE
  63. Do Not Play Heroes of Newerth
  64. Praise Allah
  65. I Need The Community Help
  66. NEWSFLASH: I'm not going to support you.
  67. try not to random if u cant play
  68. Filipino players (playing in the Philippines only)
  69. lolrage
  70. New Wave of Noobs is approaching
  71. Get your **** together S2 Devs
  72. Why suspend people for racism?
  73. Is hon down or is it just me?
  74. Got HoN Just Now for 10$
  75. Dear S2 pls read.
  76. wow okuu r u serious?
  77. League of Legends 0$ today!
  78. Strongest reason for not buying this faggy game !
  79. S2 on financial troubles
  80. My friday night:
  81. Booth's friday night:
  82. You know you want to use my referral link!
  83. THIS GAME PISSED ME OFF!! all day!
  84. If your buying HoN
  85. Looking to buy HoN? It's only $10!
  86. The Coolest referal link in this game :)
  87. This is how you buy $10 account
  88. I have a dream!
  89. Night Hound -> Over Powered
  90. X bads in your Y+ Games?
  91. IGN Code Up for grabs
  92. HoN under MAJOR DDoS Attack
  93. queja
  94. Mad Breaky?
  95. An easy way to have HoN issues fixed.
  96. How S2 Made HoN
  97. HoN Anger Management Thread
  98. The story of an AngryNegro
  99. How to not make ur mid fail.
  100. Russian-Server
  101. NERF NOW!
  102. holy **** MSI
  103. MSI won vs SK !!!
  104. ban me for no reason? fun admin abuse
  105. Ready to be smashed S2?
  106. To all Bad players
  107. Nuke Russia
  108. Anyone else sick of this ****ty community?
  109. **** S2
  110. inb4 accursed shield name colour
  111. Giving away hon account! (for votes)
  112. 1700 ACC give away!
  113. Hag needs a buff.
  114. How to make community better.
  115. Somali flag before the start of August 1 or DDoS!
  116. Dem jews
  117. Most annoying player youve ever encountered?
  118. Lolololololllololololololololololol
  119. Dear Johnny Utah
  120. Want to pay fellow 1900+ to play with and get higher MMR
  121. LoL account Sale
  122. Google Sent Me
  123. Artemis?
  124. If I play HoN with a pencil in my ass, do I get more kills?
  125. Countdown to HoN
  126. Rumors about an Lycan port, true??
  127. Dear S2 Games..... [READ, if you know how to]
  128. After, How old are you?, now, how long is your ****?
  129. 123
  130. Post your banlist here! (NSFW)
  131. Reading, it's clearly too hard for you people
  132. According to League players, all HoN heroes look the exact same.
  133. Anyone want to buy my account
  134. It's fun to do bad things
  135. Too many dam BRs
  136. So the thrash 1700/1800 playahs?
  137. I have discovered why I usually get baddies in solo que :)
  138. Funny **** From Riot
  139. When this s*** is going to end???
  140. So who do I have to **** to...
  141. Winning in solo queu impossible
  142. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but someone has to break it to you.
  143. Mac users are better because PCers are poor
  144. Gtfo dial up s2
  145. Hon is back up!!! Finally
  146. HoN developers have down syndrome?
  147. hon makes are down syndrome asians with stink scrotum and give free rim jobs >?
  148. Bunch of no lifers - whiners
  149. S2 Dev's Need Viagra....
  150. BR isn't that bad.
  151. Derp backwards is...
  152. Hey dad!
  153. Do you leik my signature?
  154. Hon creaters suck
  155. Patch notes with Drunken Master
  156. Custom Icon Failure S2
  157. S2's big cover up
  158. Players who say "KDR" does matter..
  159. 2 Useless items, read and vote.
  160. this game is a joke. fail ever.
  161. I ****ing hate randoming
  162. Norway
  163. 3rd Reich!
  164. Who said it was impossible?!
  165. Obama
  166. Players who think "Smurfs" are bad for this community...
  167. Okay, So s2 said gold edition avatars weren't supposed to be premium
  168. Free game: Bloodline Champions!!
  169. ssss
  170. HoN Garena !
  171. hon free to play?! lol
  172. RUS players respond to hatred
  173. Why is grieving a bannable offense?
  174. PROOF: Zephyr is OP
  175. Nerf Behemoth
  176. League of Legends, Free to play!
  177. Jah unbanned by DiVa
  178. Nice ban on Jah
  179. This game has made me hate all Brazilians.
  180. My personal message to S2.
  181. Best buds for life
  182. Tree + elders = noob
  183. alow me introducing MAKHMOOD
  184. ONLY watch this thread if you are 1800+.
  185. Reporting here because you don't read RAP reports
  186. Forced Nickname !
  187. Why does orange always carry?
  188. question for MR MAKHMOOD
  189. LoL
  190. I am proud to announce I have officially...
  191. Dear Maliken
  192. Ragenerds iz happy!
  193. S2 this is just disgusting...
  194. Dear S2: My serious concern about the lack of hero diversity.
  195. Hon down and we were losing:D
  196. Rampage is not carry? wtf?
  197. Ugh, the flood of garbage EU upon USE
  198. Pomona too stronk
  199. Im about to get kicked from a game
  200. why russians are bad at hon
  201. lycantroph in spotlight detected?!
  202. I mad
  203. buying skill in LoL
  204. The Lamest Thing Happened This Morning
  205. Let's BAN the GRIEFERS! == FAIL
  206. I wonder if chu thinks HoN Monkey King is better
  207. S2 - give some use servers to brazil. Save me from them.
  208. Mspuddings voice
  209. A guy ingame told me DotA graphics > HoN graphics
  210. bored
  211. We all know that girls, gays, and blacks
  212. HoN going free this friday?
  213. HoNs going f2p on Friday
  214. Does S2 know how bad their reputation is with their own community?
  215. Look again this Thread now is diamond :)
  216. 1900 Smurph Carrying everyone ~1500
  217. Why is there so much sterotyping in this game?
  218. 1400 looking to be carried to 1900
  219. 1900 looking to be carried to 1500s
  220. Brazilians are protected by S2
  221. TWO heros brown and oj can lock and feed with tomorrow
  222. Anoying Female
  223. predator new Alt only available in russia WTF
  224. Protest the Early Access Heroes!! (READ for instructions)
  225. S2 has not forsaken us
  226. S2 betrayed us.
  227. [List Of Signatures] Sign if you are against the new Patch
  228. S2 when will we get Runes and masteries?
  229. S2 Never Ceases to Amaze
  230. Get Rid of Early Access
  231. Problems with Mac client?
  232. If you are quitting HoN post it here
  233. Petition to the legacy players.
  234. **** You Personally Maliken and your **** ass business ethics.
  235. Maliken's message explained - Picture inside
  236. Help Maliken buy his new car!!! Get early access now!!
  237. So I literally bought this account last night
  238. Maliken's letter to players
  239. Maliken's real message to the community - (Deleted but repost)
  240. Lol s2 come the **** on
  241. Will there eventually be login queues?
  242. tell the truth...
  243. maliken stop hiding u coward
  244. People Mad About Early Access Look Here!
  245. HoN's Funeral
  246. trolling hon forums: more fun than playing hon
  247. GREAT F2P Game out already! Sign up today!
  248. HoN copy of LoL
  249. troll thread hon sucks, you suck
  250. trollbros troll thread #1