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  1. Not again, God damn S2 just add the damn Indian flag!
  2. Can we get a blue confirmation that the DDOS-attack is done by lulzsec
  3. Why don't hackers do something usefull?
  4. A bunch of basement nerds attack s2 and the game is down for a week. Now a group of pro hackers
  5. @LulzSec
  6. Unprofessionalism at its best.
  7. S2 censorship worse than 1984
  8. don't spam??
  9. So i just bought this game
  10. Can't login
  11. I need a simple answer
  12. Is there any way to get money back? get me an S2 worker
  13. S2 Shame on you HOBOs
  14. S2 lost their pants...
  15. Login Failure?
  16. Magnets
  17. ETA on fix?
  18. Cant Login :( login failed connection failed
  19. I'm through.... Refund me
  20. DDOS or not?
  21. Dota 2 release date
  22. the straw that broke the camel's back
  23. Hacked by LulzSec
  24. At what point does this down time become unacceptable?
  25. can't login?
  26. DDOS or maintenance?
  27. Shame on you S2.
  28. On the bright side.
  29. If you still can't read stickys then read read this.
  30. Hey S2
  31. hon is too many times down. we want gold coins
  32. LoL a free game fix DDoS atack in 30 min
  33. Sorry to say
  34. Cant login... again ~RAGE~
  35. LoL got ddos too
  37. is s2 n american company? Legitimately consider this plz: and try to not get your feelings hurt
  38. Keanu not impressed
  39. S2 u gotta be ****ing with us?
  40. S2, Hire Assasin
  41. How many times have you been told you are getting reported / banned lol.
  42. Banned thread was took down by re re s2 staff haha
  43. Vachula you are the man
  44. Dota 2! Dota 2! Dota 2!
  45. For those who think Lulzsec is "pros" doing DDoS
  46. Servers up! Lulzsec caught!
  47. Imi bag pula in voi!
  48. GG S2, Griefers can do whatever the F**K they want
  49. S2 should make HON as a free game
  50. For all the LoL lovers that hated on S2 for DDos.
  51. Job opening at s2!!! (apply here)
  52. WTF HON?
  53. Brazilians on USEAST
  54. Fatality from Valve to Maliken?
  55. dota 2 is coming ..
  56. Where is my Reset? GIve my fukin money back!!!
  57. YEA delete my Thread mother fukers
  58. USA = So weak, so fail
  59. HoN is a griefer's paradise.
  60. gj for the retards who put runed into pandas recommended items
  61. Hon sucks
  62. S2 staff, many of you are unprofessional douche-bags.
  63. I'm tired of these brazilians
  64. Guess my number, WIN a free SC2 account
  65. Guess the size of my penis
  66. Guess my number, win a LoL account
  67. the REAL honiversary slogan!
  68. S2, I will DIE of cancer if we don't get the spotlight video real soon
  69. Parasite hero spotlight @ youtube!
  70. They deleted friday from youtube
  71. Parasite: Hero Spotlight Video
  72. Is this a troll-free zone?
  73. S2 make me a mod
  74. Man up S2
  75. I hate
  76. Hon down
  77. Hon down again
  78. Chu is comming back?
  79. ******
  80. Who do we have to DDoS to get a Czechoslovakian server?
  81. Are you guys from S2 kidding? Diminished coins reward?
  82. Where is my patch!?
  83. Can Parasite Steal S2 servers, Go in it, and EXPLODE IT!?
  84. Americans on USEast
  85. need patch
  86. And new skin goes for............
  87. You do realize
  88. When you play the Game of Thrones...
  89. Fix your s hit
  90. Can Parasite steal the Friday patch, go in it, and DELAY IT?
  91. nuke brazil or give own servers
  92. GJ S2
  93. S2 ---- You are a joke.
  94. Diablo 2 LoD > HoN
  95. What do you do if you drop 100 mmr in 1 day?
  96. Stats lol?
  97. Are you **** serious??
  98. yo philthethrill you're an idiot
  99. HoN Died
  100. Gamer Girl LF Peeps Who Speak English
  101. Trolololol check this shiet
  102. [KD]jerAx should be banned
  103. ITT: I act like a typical American HoN player.
  104. Umad?
  105. You mad bro?
  106. get ur **** together s2 -.-
  107. Money back 2
  108. The_Thrill
  109. Please may i have a female hon playing friend please :)
  110. Soul Reaper, fix it please S2
  111. Are you kidding me!?!?!?!?!?!?
  112. S2 SUX !!
  113. duck song!!
  114. Average penis length of HoN players?
  115. I've stood by and supported for so long, but that was the last straw
  116. Tired of people complaining about my pyro/witch...etc
  117. S2 Balance Team has Brainlag??
  118. Pk is such a useless item
  119. Had an idea about enemy creeps doing your work for you
  120. Why am I forced to play with non-Chinese speaking players
  121. LoL is GREAT. Here's why.
  122. Imagine seeing this when starting up HoN (LoL bashing thread)
  123. how about giving alt avatars as a price
  124. how fast would
  125. Dumb Americns
  126. Petition to remove Brazil from the internet.
  127. Viable replacement build for PK
  128. The "pot smoking/drinking" griefing
  129. Petition for Compensation from S2 for bad servers!!!!
  130. Petition for a "SERVER STATUS" page.
  131. S2 times.
  132. Theres nothing left to say : S2 YOU SUCK . HARD
  133. It is 11:00 GMT-5!!!!! AND NOT WORKING
  134. Why play this game?
  135. if s2 saying maintenance will take an hour
  136. Alright im ****in down with s2 im ****ing sick of this **** ive waited and waited
  137. Time/Time Zones
  138. Oh my god ~five minutes left
  139. The final countdown! 4minutes to go!
  140. Servers not up!
  141. "11:00"
  142. Toolz, you gotta be shittin me
  143. DOH
  144. Don't worry guys Maintenance will only be for one hour.
  145. s2 bad.
  146. S2, Lacking.
  147. Screwed over aussies
  148. Another massive fail
  149. TROLLED
  150. S2
  151. Karma's a B****
  152. ::::::::dddddddddddddddd
  153. For those that don't understand the Sticky
  154. HoN undergoing maintenance
  155. Dear forum mods
  156. El oh fuking el
  157. Whats the point in putting a time limit when u cant handel it?
  158. Up!
  159. hon maintenance
  160. Constructive critisism - eta
  161. Just sad
  162. thats it, thats the final straw.
  163. Hate it or love it
  164. is there any retard who thought it'll take an hour?
  165. GG(DOTA 2)
  166. Help me i am retarded !!
  167. wish s2...
  168. GG(DOTA 2)
  169. wish s2
  170. Maintenance
  171. wonder what do u think now
  172. Best Pornstars.
  173. s2...
  174. In Brazil
  175. under promise and over deliver
  176. **** You??
  177. Servers Are UP AGAIN!
  178. I won in Euromillions
  179. Sooo...
  180. HoN not working... again
  181. EPIC FAIL Maintanance period HAS DIRE CONSQUENCES
  182. 1044 Online, oh 1043
  183. Non Profesional HoN Tournament.
  184. Just found this scientific equation for HoN
  185. Said bye to LoL
  186. I have never gotten to PLAY EVER!!!
  187. The map editor
  188. no gaming tonight
  189. My complaint : Trying to be consutructive
  190. just downloaded LoL
  191. Official responce needed
  192. S2 using its energy for deleting accusing threads [serious]
  193. Downtime new info
  194. 3:00pm -5 GMT into unknown downtime.
  195. S2 deleting all topics! :)
  196. Maintenance ->Extended Maintenance ->Extended Extended Maintenance ->Downtime
  197. Continuous server fail needs compensation
  198. Threads and stickys are disappearing
  199. 2 mins left!!!!!!
  200. Philosophical enquery
  201. Catastrophic hardware failure!!!!
  202. Catastophic failiure
  203. Incomplete game
  204. "we apologize" s2 but we wont stop to create new threads! It`s a catastrophic server failure!
  205. Please tell me why this is a non-constructive complaint.
  206. again?
  207. Keep deleting our posts s2 you commie's!
  208. customers mad =
  209. Here is a constructive complaint
  210. Fu*k this I play Dota
  211. S2 WHERE U at ?
  212. Yay its up!
  213. Im so tired
  214. Lol HoN
  215. The system failure. Post your pic
  216. Free stats reset
  217. just wake up and saw 627 online !
  218. Login Failed Bad Data
  219. Open message to s2 about alt avatars.
  220. I will ask you again?
  221. Can you give us an Update on the situation - Please?
  222. Trololol, catastrophic hardware failure
  223. Why are you waiting? S2 elaborates on catastrophic hardware failure
  224. S2's hardware+Dreamhack
  225. Hon sets the record for most down time for online gaming
  226. Found a pic of the S2 maintenance lab
  227. Fail?
  228. Liars
  229. S2 staff = a piece of ...
  230. s2 prank
  231. Catastrophic hardware failure
  232. Please, please, PLEASE stop it already...
  233. hello toolz please response to this post
  234. can't login, error message
  235. S2, so what processors did you upgrade from?
  236. Schatz, ich kann nicht mehr warten
  237. Outraged at S2
  238. Why we paid 30$ for this ****?
  239. Some thoughts on the cause of this downtime
  240. Questions for Toolz seing as he doesnt want to recive private messages.
  241. Server upgrades
  242. Can s2 find a new Hardware?
  243. Please join me in dropping some g's on the S2 staff
  244. oh mai gawd 2s so bad!
  245. Woo its up go s2!
  246. Just referred all 40k followers on my twitter account to try out HoN
  247. to forum admins
  248. HoN Downtime 6/21/11 --- TIME ?
  249. Golden dog to fly across map at bloodlust
  250. How do you become a forum admin?