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  1. [Spells/Abilites] Emerald warden ulti-bird not deleted when kicked
  2. [Game Play] Cant select other Maps
  3. [Spells/Abilites] Bubbles
  4. [Spells/Abilites] 2nd drunken's skill (drink)
  5. [Spells/Abilites] Update fail + Corrupted 1.spell
  6. [Spells/Abilites] DM Stagger bug
  7. [Exploit] League of Legends here i come!
  8. [Crash] Game Crashes when it changes scene
  9. [Crash] Crash while 'loading assets'
  10. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini's UL is messed up
  11. [Exploit] Gemini Ulti Stat Bug
  12. [Game Play] Refresher On Warden
  13. [Spells/Abilites] Geminis ultimate combined with sandwraiths ultimate = bug
  14. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini ulti bug
  15. [Game Play] Gemini bug
  16. [Exploit] Gemini 3000 dmg
  17. [Exploit] Loss but +mmr
  18. [Crash] Crash repports
  19. [Spells/Abilites] ANOTHER gemini bug I found
  20. [Crash] help me pls!!!
  21. [Spells/Abilites] Drunken Brawlers Drink Charge counter seems bugged
  22. [Crash] Crashing while updateing/K2 exeption.
  23. [Spells/Abilites] Monkey King's vault
  24. [Spells/Abilites] Geomancer Dig + Enginer Ultimate
  25. [Crash] updating the game
  26. [Interface] Select slot screen dont appear. Help pls !
  27. [Game Play] Gemini bug - Items with auras
  28. [Game Play] 6280 missing bits
  29. [Typo] CAI - Typo (or bug)
  30. [Spells/Abilites] Tant dont work
  31. [Exploit] bug in patch notes
  32. [Exploit] forum account broken
  33. [Game Play] Hacks for HoN?
  34. [Spells/Abilites] Armadon slow bugged
  35. death metal rhapsody bug
  36. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini: only red wolf getting auras
  37. [Spells/Abilites] 5 glitches in one thread
  38. [Interface] MMR issues..
  39. Soundproblems with Win7
  40. [Typo] Curse of Ages
  41. [Interface] No host
  42. [Visual Graphics] Highlight/outline bug
  43. [Crash] Crash On Installing new Patch (with Crash .DMP)
  44. [Interface] Issues with leaving clan
  45. [Game Play] Bottled dd disappeared on usage when gauntlet stunned me!
  46. [Interface] Friendlist bug?
  47. [Visual Graphics] Selection Outlines on Mac
  48. EW multy healing
  49. [Game Play] Not getting silver
  50. [Interface] Issue with Replay (Mac)
  51. [Crash] Disconnect icon and freeze in game
  52. [Game Play] Vodoo Jester
  53. [Crash] Disconnected and no option to Reconnect
  54. [Game Play] Frostburn should be recognized as Ice-/Firebrand
  55. [Game Play] GM, I would have trouble explaining to do it.
  56. [Game Play] help me GM.
  57. [Game Play] Packet loss volume #9000
  58. [Game Play] Connection Error. No stats, no guide.
  59. [Typo] Tempest Glacial Tooltip
  60. [Crash] Hon crashes every 2nd game
  61. [Crash] Problem connecting to MM
  62. [Crash] TMM Disco - LAN
  63. [Game Play] Nullfire's blade.
  64. [Game Play] Server lag
  65. [Typo] Electrician E skill tooltip
  66. [Spells/Abilites] Steambath nulify scout ulti even under tower
  67. [Interface] Statistics not loading
  68. [Visual Graphics] HoN Fedora 15
  69. [Interface] Cannot log in to forums with sub-account
  70. [Exploit] Hero did not despawn
  71. [Game Play] Account Problems.
  72. [Interface] Matchmaking search while offline
  73. [Game Play] NC shroud
  74. [Crash] MM Loading SOMETIMES crashes at 10%
  75. Barbed armor
  76. [Spells/Abilites] geomancer 1st spell bug
  77. [Spells/Abilites] Monkey King Bug
  78. [Game Play] Character Freezes, Everything Else Fine
  79. [Exploit] Multiple Infests
  80. [Typo] Sacrificial lamb tooltip
  81. [Visual Graphics] Game brightness and window mode...
  82. [Interface] Nickname Change Error
  83. [Crash] Crash when starting game
  84. [Exploit] Will you ever fix the Gemini bug before it get's fixed?
  85. [Game Play] Alt s not working
  86. [Spells/Abilites] Midas becomes untargetable after third skill.
  87. [Crash] fix to crashing while update [windows XP]
  88. [Exploit] TMM - Unfair advantage by EXTREME disparate MMR Grouping
  89. [Crash] Crashing when game starts..
  90. [Visual Graphics] Water reflections + skybox
  91. [Game Play] Gemini vs Sand Wraith
  92. [Typo] "Taunting disabled for this account" When enabled
  93. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini Double click activation target another player
  94. [Crash] K2 Exception Crash
  95. [Game Play] picking priority
  96. [Interface] Reconnect
  97. Ronin swiftblade in store.
  98. [Game Play] Hellbringers alt
  99. [Exploit] Is this a bug?
  100. [Game Play] Alt Avatars bug
  101. Serious DM bug
  102. [Visual Graphics] Bug Hon
  103. [Game Play] losing health after fountain diving and escaping.
  104. [Visual Graphics] Fact: Devourer causes Frame Lag
  105. [Crash] forum acc buged
  106. [Exploit] restricted forum access permission?
  107. [Spells/Abilites] Vindicator third skill stuck at 126 bonus INT
  108. [Crash] Kraken Ult Bug [2.26]
  109. Nomad + Devourer
  110. [Game Play] staff of the master and pr
  111. [Game Play] Empath Gemini ult bug
  112. [Game Play] Courier queue
  113. [Spells/Abilites] Emrald Warden bug
  114. [Crash] HoN crashes when watching replay AGAIN!!!
  115. [Visual Graphics] demented shamen ulti graphic problem
  116. [Interface] Demented Shaman skin in store
  117. [Game Play] Bug at one cliff, you can get pushed under it
  118. [Game Play] team balancing in matchmaking
  119. [Crash] Cant enter the forum with another account.
  120. [Game Play] maybe it's a bug o.O
  121. [Mac] Patch crash
  122. [Crash] Crash while patching
  123. I bought Magus Bane awhile back, still cant use him?
  124. Fix my symbol nub
  125. [Crash] cant play solo mm or tmm
  126. [Game Play] Kicked from matchmaking!!!
  127. [Spells/Abilites] Maliken Sword bug
  128. [Crash] Updates.
  129. [Game Play] i lose 900 silver coins ( why ) =.(
  130. [Interface] While installing Error occures
  131. [Crash] Stats did not record, again.
  132. [Exploit] Monkey King instant double-vault
  133. [Spells/Abilites] Empath aura for opposing team when Fayde stuns her.
  134. [Spells/Abilites] monkey king heavenly vault in practice mode
  135. [Interface] Confirmation email missing
  136. Deathmetal Rhapsody
  137. [Interface] Cant login to HON
  138. [Crash] Cant start game
  139. [Crash] connection problem?
  140. [Game Play] Laggy server
  141. [Interface] Monitor Bug
  142. [Crash] no response from server lag VIDEO!
  143. [Spells/Abilites] Midas Bug.
  144. [Game Play] Server, Random lag, "cant move my Hero"
  145. [Exploit] Armadon spines?
  146. [Spells/Abilites] Master of Arms Assist
  147. [Game Play] Weird DC/not dc ?
  148. [Crash] You have banned from the game (can't rejoin)
  149. [Game Play] Game not registered-
  150. [Crash] crash on patch DLing
  151. [Game Play] Hammerstorm and fortification
  152. [Interface] All ppls removed from clan
  153. [Interface] Andromeda avatar
  154. [Game Play] match didnt record, bug
  155. [Game Play] camara following char, + cant rejoin.
  156. [Visual Graphics] Spells/Characters Graphic bug
  157. [Game Play] Kicked from matchmaking again!
  158. Purchased Items no longer in account , coins all gone but only one avatar I purchased remains.
  159. [Crash] Got disc without, couldnt re.
  160. [Interface] match has not been submitted yet
  161. Dementet Witch avatar Dont Work
  162. [Game Play] Emerald Warden bug
  163. [Game Play] Nick didnt transfered correctly when acc was purchased!
  164. [Crash] K2 fatal error.
  165. [Exploit] Randoming at the start of a game.
  166. [Interface] Not my fault!?
  167. [Game Play] Plague rider staff upg
  168. [Crash] K2 Exception : Crash Report, Needs Assistance.
  169. [Spells/Abilites] Forsaken Archer's Split Fire + Defile
  170. [Mac] Mac cannot update today?
  171. [Crash] Game randomly disconnects and reconnect not available
  172. [Game Play] Disconnected, Unable to reconnect
  173. Striders icon bug
  174. [Crash] Server not responding
  175. [Crash] 182 sec still and the time is out
  176. [Game Play] Keep DC'ing during games as of last patch.
  177. [Game Play] Lag for all UK players?
  178. [Interface] Mandromeda not available.
  179. [Spells/Abilites] NH Blink when rooted by DW
  180. [Spells/Abilites] Plague carrier bug
  181. [Crash] Something is very very wrong with this game.
  182. [Mac] Crashes every game
  183. [Crash] Dropped from game
  184. [Spells/Abilites] SB stunned while Ulting
  185. Mandromeda - no attack animation?
  186. [Game Play] Reconnect auto terminate
  187. [Game Play] No room for reconnection
  188. game started with 4 players
  189. [Spells/Abilites] Para self deny/Monarch ult bug
  190. [Spells/Abilites] Can`t use RUNES OF BLIGHT
  191. [Interface] Can't log in forum with sub account
  192. Mandromeda Attack Animation
  193. [Interface] Chat clears when ever a game starts
  194. [Spells/Abilites] ew ult still there after quite
  195. Account Icon not working ingame
  196. [Crash] got dc from the game when nothing wrong with conection
  197. [Exploit] HoN Wars exploit.
  198. [Spells/Abilites] The Chains That Bind VS Cold Shoulder
  199. [Interface] Some players stats wont show up in-game
  200. [Visual Graphics] mandromeda
  201. [Interface] Shaman's Headress Builds with other Lifetube?
  202. [Game Play] Buying and selling combined items - refund fail
  203. [Game Play] f2p accounts and no str\no agi\no int options in public
  204. [Crash] Help! Game Crash every time i play!
  205. [Game Play] Behemoth creepblocking with stun
  206. [Interface] Permanent fast forward in replay
  207. Mandromeda On Death Sound
  208. [Interface] All games are Full cannot join
  209. [Mac] Windowed cursor not working as intended
  210. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini Smackdown/Humiliation
  211. [Interface] In [Controls] in the Options, modify certain key bindings require a re-launch to update display
  212. [Spells/Abilites] Emerald warden Bird bug
  213. [Game Play] Selling Disconnected players item from courier
  214. [Interface] Selling wrong item due to reasen spawn.
  215. [Crash] no start heros of newert
  216. [Visual Graphics] HoN issue.
  217. [Interface] Bobo keeps items on dc
  218. [Interface] Bought gore taunt twice with gold coins and still not got it
  219. [Game Play] Chat server
  220. [Game Play] Clan vanished...
  221. [Game Play] Cant play after this new update
  222. [Interface] Pauseclock does not count the pause time properly
  223. [Game Play] remake only required 4 players?
  224. [Spells/Abilites] Nomad Bug
  225. Hero outlines being displaced from the intended location
  226. [Spells/Abilites] midas becomes unclickable after blinking
  227. [Spells/Abilites] Valk leap and Hammerstorm stun
  228. [Game Play] Mini-dc, hard delay and kinda a tilt!
  229. [Crash] crashes during game updates
  230. [Crash] Game freezing for 5 mins
  231. [Crash] wtf why?
  232. [Game Play] WTF -.- stupid tmm servers
  233. [Interface] Some matches cannot be downloaded using the interface
  234. [Crash] Fatal error
  235. [Spells/Abilites] Parasite: Deny towers effectively
  236. [Crash] No Reconnect
  237. [Game Play] No aussie Pub servers?
  238. [Interface] Match has not been submitted yet
  239. [Interface] REOPEN: Some matches cannot be downloaded using the interface
  240. [Crash] Match is not recorded
  241. [Crash] On Update Crash
  242. [Interface] REOPEN: Confirmation email missing
  243. [Crash] I can't start hon!
  244. [Typo] Sheepstick tooltip is wrong
  245. [Game Play] mm and tmm connection problem
  246. [Game Play] Two problems - Cannot reconnect and match did not record
  247. [Visual Graphics] Mandromeda projectile not showing
  248. [Game Play] Buying outright then selling.
  249. [Game Play] Leaver score after kick from game
  250. [Interface] TMM silver coins not adding properly???