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  1. [Visual Graphics] Kongor has Franken Kongor Model / Texture
  2. [Visual Graphics] Forsaken archer (clockwork archer) auto-attack graphics
  3. Cosmonaut Bubbles - Dropping Boots triggers Running Animation
  4. Cosmonaut Bubbles - Shell Surf has same Sound Effect with Helmet
  5. [Exploit] Rampage displacing towers with Horned Strike (E)
  6. [Typo] "Ring of the Teacher (Heroes)" and "Refreshing Ornament (Heroes)" cut off
  7. [Visual Graphics] 3D portrait when transfigured or morphed is too close
  8. [Typo] Staff of the Master - Boosted (cuts off)
  9. Count and Vacation (Dampeer) - Vampiric Flight
  10. [Game Play] Direct pathing does not work with trees
  11. [Interface] Buttons stay blue while Match Stats is loading if hovered over during this time
  12. [Interface] Practice mode settings appear to stay but don't actually
  13. [Game Play] <calculatedamage /> ignores Armor Penetration
  14. [Interface] Cooldown field in simple tooltips "taking" the value of previous ones if you have no cooldown
  15. [Sound] Gladiator - Showdown
  16. [Spells/Abilites] Pharoah's Mummy Wall vs. charge-like skills
  17. [Typo] Damage reduction % showing incorrectly in replay
  18. [Exploit] Ophelia Ultimate Avatar blocking camps permanently
  19. Tera Monarch (Monarch) - Chrysalis
  20. [Interface] The post-game awards do not get moved correctly after reordering heroes
  21. Temperance- Prisoner when on invisible before level 6.
  22. [Game Play] Can't tell who returns courier when using R
  23. [Game Play] Hero guide error for self-made guides
  24. [Game Play] About Statistics (Match Stats)
  25. [Visual Graphics] POG's symbol Bug.
  26. Illusions can spawn in cliffs
  27. [Spells/Abilites] Bombadier - Sticky Bomb
  28. [Game Play] Hellbourne Easy Camp Leash range - ninja-change?
  29. [Interface] Mentoring after watching RiftWars
  30. [Mac] Riptide water tile bug
  31. [Sound] In-game music stops playing after going through all tracks
  32. [Interface] Can't team chat in Hontour lobby
  33. [Visual Graphics] Missing textures with invis rune (big post)
  34. [Spells/Abilites] .effect files in affectors playing even when hero is stealthed
  35. [Game Play] No respawn timer mode: dying when bound to multiple projectiles results in not reviving at base
  36. [Typo] Taunt - Inconsistency Description
  37. [Spells/Abilites] Legionnaire Charge Gives Vision After Disconnect
  38. [Game Play] Grinex Walking
  39. [Sound] Mic Boost can't be toggled off
  40. [Game Play] Voodoo Jester's Q goes through magic immunity
  41. [Mac] Cerberus Gemini missing texture on Mac
  42. [Game Play] Forced command interaction overlap (forced-attack, forced wander via fear, etc.)
  43. [Game Play] Master of Arms' Forked Lightning + Restoration Stone
  44. [Interface] If a hero has a recipe, it doesn't show in post game stats
  45. Riptide's ult does not play the rain animation properly in replays
  46. [Interface] Ending a Killing Streak doesn't show in the killfeed
  47. [Spells/Abilites] Self-hero damage counting towards hero damage statistics/awards?
  48. Empath Q (Drain) is draining to the wrong person
  49. [Visual Graphics] Skybox "broken" near edges of the map
  50. [Visual Graphics] Reflections are broken when camera strays from the water
  51. Riptide Missing Icon in "Create a Guide"
  52. [Game Play] BH's Feast leaves corpses behind on Snotter Boss creeps
  53. [Exploit] Corsair M90 mouse - extra F hotkeys
  54. Seven Virtues: Temperance Prisoner Alt Collectors Effect Glitch
  55. [Visual Graphics] Gaia empath reflection does not show clothes model
  56. [Exploit] Leave Clan - Retaining Prior Clan Status
  57. [Mac] Integer overflow (e.g. Devourer's HP value from Str) forces system restore
  58. [Mac] White arrow bug, anyway to fix this
  59. [Exploit] Remake requiring only 4 votes when two people disconnect.
  60. [Replay] Riptide in water shows some range indicator to everyone
  61. [Game Play] Circe Grave Locket Bug
  62. &#9829; Moira - Bug Compilation Thread
  63. [Spells/Abilites] Cthulhuphant - Dream of Madness (Voodoo Puppet)
  64. [Spells/Abilites] Damage nullification & regeneration items that dispel-on-damage
  65. [Interface] Replay Control Appears on 0:00 even if hidden
  66. [Game Play] Circe - Twisted Visage (Amun-Ra - Pyroclasmic Rebirth)
  67. [Sound] Preferred playback driver keeps resetting
  68. [Visual Graphics] Teapot Riptide
  69. [Mac] Cmd key on Macs
  70. [Crash] Unable to compatize to 3.4.6
  71. [Interface] News page and shop open at the same time
  72. Humility & Slasher Maliken (Maliken) - Possession (Sword Throw)
  73. [Game Play] Midwars neutral camp not leashed to camp
  74. Water & ramp transition areas
  75. Empath's Ultimate Avatar gets bald in between her nature stages...
  76. Jackson Frost overhead bone misplaced when moving
  77. [Game Play] Attack modifiers don't get enabled within well
  78. [Interface] Swapping minimap does not swap buff/debuff bar
  79. [Visual Graphics] Bloodbath text not appearing on replays
  80. Devourer's Gorebeard avatar with effects...
  81. [Typo] Mid Wars Blind Ban
  82. [Interface] XPM/GPM discrepancies between in-game & website stats
  83. [Interface] Issues with large aspect ratios
  84. Hellbringer - Summon Malphas (Malphas - Fire Breath)
  85. [Spells/Abilites] Ophelia's Judgement
  86. [Mac] Dark Graphic
  87. [Interface] [HoNTour] Yellow exclamation mark when compatizing to a replay
  88. [Interface] GPM Bug
  89. The Blind Prophet / Ultimate Prophet - Missing Model Parts in Mentor/Spectate
  90. Battle Armor Athena (Demented Shaman) - Unbreakable
  91. [Sound] Gladiator Ultimate Alt 1 no sound till impact
  92. [Visual Graphics] Klanx autoattack on towers
  93. [Visual Graphics] Doomsday Klanx Portrait
  94. [Interface] Denying grants Kill-stat in post-screen
  95. [Spells/Abilites] Pollywog Wardtraps inside of enemy chronos ulti.
  96. [Typo] Name change error
  97. [Game Play] Practice mode - enemy ranged unit right-click to attack
  98. [Game Play] Stuck in Transmutanstein Pit
  99. [Visual Graphics] Tarot - Fog of War
  100. [HoN Store] Store purchase
  101. [Visual Graphics] Visual Bug with Rhapscallion avatar
  102. [Visual Graphics] Nymphora attack projectile
  103. [Sound] Opening shop causes persistent buzzing noise
  104. [Game Play] Mecha Gemini Attack
  105. [Game Play] Wrong MMR gain when resetting just stats (not MMR)?
  106. [Visual Graphics] Tempest elementals missing 3D portrait
  107. [Interface] Icosa Tarot Missing Skills in Shop UI
  108. [HoN Store] Wicked Wish Sound
  109. [HoN Store] Custom account icon
  110. [Visual Graphics] Rift Warden
  111. [Visual Graphics] Demented Shaman - Storm Cloud (Invisible Enemy Heroes)
  112. [Interface] Replay timer not progressing numerically during pauses
  113. [Visual Graphics] Accursed SotM Death Bug
  114. [Interface] public matches - join slot button visible during loading phase
  115. [Visual Graphics] Parasite - Missing Green Aura In Infested Creeps Portrait
  116. [Visual Graphics] Thriller Rhapsody (alt4) - ultimate ally state has default effect
  117. [Spells/Abilites] Empath Ultimate bug - no abilities to use
  118. [Interface] RAP Box
  119. [Item] Unreachable trees with Blight Stones in Midwars
  120. [Sound] Gemini's Fire and Ice
  121. [Visual Graphics] Lady Nak/Mae Nak skin lag
  122. [Visual Graphics] Transformation Heroes - Taunt Animation
  123. [Game Play] Reproducible pathing bugs
  124. [Interface] "game a day" bonus not reseting correctly
  125. [Interface] Need to select Alt-avatar for Andromeda every time
  126. [Visual Graphics] Unpause timer clock bug
  127. [Interface] When scrolling in chat history, new chat inputs make you scroll all the way back to the bottom
  128. [Spells/Abilites] Pearl Q possibly generating spikes(rewinding effect)
  129. [Game Play] Rampage charge marker persisting after his termination
  130. [Visual Graphics] Mecha andromeda ultimate shader bug
  131. [Interface] Magebane alt3 idle animation infinite particles
  132. [Interface] Kicking spectator
  133. [Game Play] Insanitarius & Circe ultimate
  134. [Linux] Console output when update initiated.
  135. [Typo] <altavatar /> modifiers and string tables
  136. [Mac] Caller Cthulhuphant Ultimate - White Textures - Medium Settings.
  137. [Typo] [List] Non-existent file references
  138. [Game Play] Shift-queued commands aren't overriding forced order after forced order ends
  139. [Interface] Resolution switching bug on secondary displays
  140. [Spells/Abilites] Voodoo Puppet interaction with Mesmerized and Statis'ed units.
  141. [Visual Graphics] Missing icons when selecting multiple items
  142. [Interface] Reporting remade games is broken.
  143. [Visual Graphics] Patch 3.6 SotM visuals not showing on 3D portraits
  144. [Linux] New installer does not work
  145. [Visual Graphics] Cursed Wood Puppet Ymir Ellonia SOTM Visual
  146. [Spells/Abilites] Warbeast W does not give assists
  147. [Visual Graphics] ShadowBlade Christmas Ghost Gold Avatar - Intel Form - 3D Portrait Bug
  148. [Game Play] Mid Wars - Courier
  149. [Spells/Abilites] Calamity ultimate & pathing difficulties when clicking outside walls
  150. [Visual Graphics] non-existent cliff
  151. [Mac] Cowardly Nighthound Medium Settings - Ultimate Skill
  152. [Item] Rulian Warlord (Flint Beastwood) and illusions
  153. [Spells/Abilites] Sinew Forsaken Archer - bonus set effects not propagating to ultimate
  154. [Spells/Abilites] Calamity, Clicking her down button does not work.
  155. [Spells/Abilites] Real-time mimic cooldown updates
  156. [Interface] Failure to add/remove channels from auto-join channel list
  157. [Interface] Unable to assign friends to friend groups
  158. [Interface] Issue when pasting text and deleting part of it in chat
  159. [Spells/Abilites] Moria's E
  160. [Item] Courier, stash and Eye
  161. [Interface] CAI names in vault
  162. [Visual Graphics] Coins overlap +missing ursa bonus
  163. [Game Play] Rerolling quests
  164. [Visual Graphics] Empath SotM Death Effect
  165. [Interface] MatchMaking Panel Server Population Bar Missing
  166. [Visual Graphics] Gaia Empath Illusions
  167. [Spells/Abilites] [Spectator Mode][Visual] Silhouette death lotus particle rotated 90 degrees.
  168. [Game Play] "player is completely OWNING player" by denying a team mate
  169. [Sound] "MID WARS" announcement when finding a Blitz mode game
  170. [Interface] Game stats still list Rift Wars
  171. [Spells/Abilites] Soul Stealer D/F/G hotkeys
  172. [Spells/Abilites] A deny (CD) gives a CK + CD on post-game stats
  173. [Visual Graphics] cannot create guide
  174. [Spells/Abilites] Klanx 3rd ability lackey#3 bugged with deadlift's ultimate.
  175. [Interface] Display of silver reward for games spectated or mentored
  176. [Visual Graphics] Adding SotM on Ultimate Salforis removes alt animation and sound effect
  177. [Visual Graphics] Bia, Savage Mace Chronos Visual Bug (no hair)
  178. [Sound] Music in replays
  179. [Visual Graphics] Brunhild Valkyrie :: White Flickering on Weapon Set
  180. [Visual Graphics] Cassie / Calamatiy wards: dragon disappears
  181. [Game Play] Devourer's illusions do not inherit E's strength gain
  182. [Visual Graphics] Silhouette spinning blades on death - deadlift
  183. [Interface] Hellbourne Player Stats
  184. [Visual Graphics] Evolving alt avatars and illusions
  185. [Visual Graphics] Brunhilde Frostburn/Dawnbringer FX overlap
  186. [Visual Graphics] Plinko: Dreamhack Chest - Background Hologram: Texture Missing
  187. [Interface] Hero Alt Symbol POG Accursed - missing texture
  188. [Visual Graphics] Deadlift white parts on the model
  189. &#9829; The Grimm Hunt - Bug Compilation
  190. [Spells/Abilites] tower's kill credit steal with a tp
  191. [Game Play] [Stutter][Console] Specific console calls induce a slight stutter
  192. [Interface] Whampow's Deadlift guide
  193. [Interface] Overlapping Buttons
  194. [Game Play] If a hero terminates at the pick screen it doesn't terminate once the game starts
  195. [Visual Graphics] Sandwraith ult illusion lingers if killed prior to expiring
  196. [Visual Graphics] No Abbadon Shield Visuals on Axia Moraxus
  197. [Item] Upgradeable items not upgrading on shared courier
  198. [Web] Gladiator's spells are swapped around on the website
  199. [Interface] War Effort (cycle 3) reward bug
  200. [Web] Genjuro Desciption
  201. [Visual Graphics] Sheeped Hero while under the effects of Cover of Darkness
  202. [Linux] HoN not playing nice with Nouveau
  203. [Linux] "Next Shopper" Keybind is reset whenever HoN restarts.
  204. [Web] Wingbow - Item Description incomplete
  205. [Web] Heroes missing from website heroes section
  206. [Item] Autocombine items while purchasing a consumable.
  207. [Game Play] deferchannelcost="true" does not work properly with things that use the spell's mana cost
  208. [Interface] Account gets no xp for playing MW
  209. [Interface] Recent Match sorting wrong order - Stat view
  210. [Interface] Deadlift Stats have been transferred to parallax.
  211. [Visual Graphics] Count Dampeer keeps 3 Essences form
  212. [Interface] Vault mislocated page buttons
  213. [Visual Graphics] Learnatorium special effects inconsistency
  214. [Visual Graphics] Devourer - Missing Hook 'Trail' - CTF
  215. [Interface] Names in scoreboard during game are out of place?
  216. [Visual Graphics] Courier model can be changed during a pause
  217. [Game Play] Bug w/ buying and then reselling items with multi-level recipes
  218. [Interface] Glyph of Fortification key "Activate Shared Ability 1" bind cannot be changed
  219. [Sound] Picking Menu: hero pick sound interrupted
  220. [Spells/Abilites] Performance issues with using ` to send items with the courier
  221. [Game Play] [CTF] Experience spike gain when killing a flag carrier dying while invulnerable
  222. [Visual Graphics] Empath ult: not showing on default avatar
  223. [Web] Trying to download old replays stops download in mid-progress
  224. [Visual Graphics] Winter Solstice
  225. [Game Play] BanDraft/RandomDraft Shuffling heroes that are not allowed in tournament mode
  226. [Visual Graphics] High Priestess Parallax
  227. [Game Play] Smart cast doesn't work for inventory slots 4, 5 and 6
  228. [Item] Merrick's Bounty reseting Gold Count message
  229. [Visual Graphics] Ultimate Flint disappearing weapon
  230. [Spells/Abilites] Ophelia's Ultimate doesn't give an Assist anymore
  231. [Interface] Electrician's Electric Shield
  232. [Visual Graphics] Game Master Puppet Master
  233. [Interface] In game Mentor dialog: Mentor Voice Chat Icon/Sprite has an incorrect UV offset.
  234. [Game Play] Lifesteal against immune targets.
  235. [Game Play] Courier icon
  236. [Typo] Kinesis Ult AOE
  237. [Typo] Kane | Waylay Tip