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  1. [Effects] Geojuice (Geomancer) - Charged Hammer effects
  2. [Effects] Drillex (Geomacer) - Death Animation
  3. [Effects] Geomancer - Buff/Debuff not displayed properly
  4. [Spells/Abilites] Grinex - Rift Stalk
  5. [Spells/Abilites] Moraxus - Massive Bugs!
  6. [Spells/Abilites] HammerStorm - Knocked Down Animation
  7. [Spells/Abilites] Wrath Hammerstorm - Fayde Stun Bug
  8. [Interface] Ultimate Avatars - HON Store
  9. [Interface] Risen Ra (Amuna Ra) - 3D Portrait
  10. [Spells/Abilites] Risen Ra (Amuna Ra) - Miniaturization
  11. [Spells/Abilites] Hope (Witch Slayer) - Knocked down animation
  12. [Spells/Abilites] Hunter Witch Slayer (Witch Slayer) - Staff of the Master
  13. [Art] Hunter Witch Slayer - Miniaturization
  14. [Graphics] One image on front screen is a bit moved (detail bug)
  15. [Graphics] Master of Bows loses his weapon
  16. [Game Play] Kill credit when attacking enemy hero with Gemini's heropets
  17. [Graphics] Salomon - Power Rune
  18. [Animations] Salomon Ultimate death triggers Taunt events
  19. [Game Play] Bots While killing illusions
  20. [Spells/Abilites] Sir Benzington's Knightfall (R) bug with unbinds
  21. [Interface] RAP popup missing until next game if kicked from game
  22. [Interface] Double host ?
  23. [Game Play] Unexpected behavior with the new courier.
  24. [Interface] MatchMaking - The host has added a bot that you don't seem to have
  25. [Interface] Host can't kick players in Co-Op MM group
  26. [Game Play] Items - Can't refund it back for full price if dropped by courier on death
  27. [Interface] Issue with some alt avatar symbols
  28. [Interface] Mentor/Spectate message pop-up stuck
  29. [Exploit] New Courier Interface Displays
  30. [Spells/Abilites] Master of Arms' bug when Miniaturization on him.
  31. [Effects] Cossack Gunblade attack sound.
  32. [Spells/Abilites] Gunblade (Cossack) - Grappling Shot
  33. [Animations] King Animus Solstice Alt Avatar sometimes says Solstices taunt...
  34. [Spells/Abilites] Riftwalker alt avatar (Elder riftwalker) ultimate plays regular Riftwalker avatar sounds
  35. [Effects] Elder RiftWalker (Rift Walker) - Death animation + SOTM
  36. [Typo] Electrician - Electric Shield tooltip
  37. [Effects] cowardly NH voicechange
  38. [Graphics] Ymir Ellonia pure white texture in OpenGL
  39. [Interface] Moon Queen picture bugging
  40. [Graphics] Headless Horseman (Pyromancer) - 3D Portrait + SOTM
  41. [Graphics] Moraxus - 3D Portrait + More Axes
  42. [Game Play] When I use 'bring back to hon function'
  43. [Spells/Abilites] Circe bug with ultimate and Saloman. Potentially others too
  44. [Spells/Abilites] Circe bug, annoying as hell, happened twice in a row now.
  45. [Spells/Abilites] Cirice - Wild Soul (Ultimate)
  46. [Spells/Abilites] Circe - Dampeer "Consume" (Visual Charges)
  47. [Spells/Abilites] Circe permanently disbales Grinex's Rift Stalk
  48. [Interface] Sound device detection doesn't refresh
  49. [Interface] UI bug after playing bot game with friends
  50. [Spells/Abilites] Circe Ult
  51. [Spells/Abilites] Empath ultimate bug
  52. [Interface] Hero deselected after death
  53. [Spells/Abilites] bug with certain alt avatars and circes doppelganger skill
  54. [Spells/Abilites] Circe - Aluna (Deja Vu)
  55. [Spells/Abilites] Circe & entity-switch skills
  56. [Spells/Abilites] Circe, ulti another hero with genjuro
  57. [Effects] Typo
  58. [Typo] ORGE Blacksmith poster
  59. [Typo] "Purchased" overlaps account symbol name
  60. [Effects] Simultaneous announcers bug with public bot games
  61. [Spells/Abilites] Circe - Serpent & Bone (Prophet)
  62. [Spells/Abilites] Leprechaun BlackSmith (BlackSmith) - Flamming Hammer
  63. [Typo] Kinesis - Mass Control (SOTM)
  64. [Animations] Circe ulting Zephyr
  65. [Typo] SandWraith - Mirage (SOTM)
  66. [Effects] Fayde attacking out of ultimate is heard across the map
  67. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini - Ice & Fire Fang
  68. [Spells/Abilites] Rampage Stampede still giving vision after cancelling.
  69. [Interface] Still possible to read nicknames of votestarter with certain language selections
  70. [Interface] Iron Tremble - Side View
  71. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini's Fire Pet - lacks Bound Eye hovering icon
  72. [Effects] Stardust Aluna bug
  73. [Effects] Sand Wraith + SotM: death visual of animated sand persists
  74. [Spells/Abilites] Circe's ultimate - same frame channel finish & dying can still control a "ghost hero"
  75. [Spells/Abilites] Wildsoul Ultimate & a hovering weapon above him when deactivated
  76. [Animations] Slither - Toxin Wards
  77. [Interface] Hover over stats button in the matchup screen - recent matches and favourites not showing
  78. [Game Play] Repicking a hero gets you the same hero
  79. [Spells/Abilites] Keeper of the Forest - Animate Forest (Sounds)
  80. [Interface] Hon name not giving correct stats
  81. [Interface] HoN Store: Search function icon reappears and overlaps with search input
  82. [Interface] Pentinent & Heap (Lodestone) - 3D Portrait after Shatter Storm
  83. [Effects] Gundomeda (Andromeda) - Auto attacking, Death animation
  84. [Game Play] Puzzlebox ranged minion has a melee combattype.
  85. [Game Play] Gunblade model "invisible" if Gunblade ults Panda after Flick
  86. [Exploit] Attack animation cancel bug (noninterrupting="true")
  87. [Graphics] <altavatar /> ghost picks not displaying the proper icon
  88. [Animations] Voodoo Raptor - using Codex has no lightning visual
  89. [Interface] Player Statistics - Fetching with trailing whitespace shows name with all letters in lower case
  90. [Spells/Abilites] Moraxus bug
  91. [Graphics] Missing Texture in FE2
  92. [Graphics] Voodoo Jester - Spirit Ward (3D Portrait)
  93. [Game Play] Circe ulting Circe multiple times results in no kill credit when the state expires
  94. [Interface] Replay does not show the "hero has been selected" text (hero picked too quickly)
  95. [Effects] 7 deadly sins (Gluttony Devourer) - Loss of SotM effect
  96. [Game Play] Courier - queuing orders
  97. [Spells/Abilites] Gemini - split wolves' HP is 150 on the same frame that they split
  98. [Interface] Player displayed as inactive while he is not
  99. [Spells/Abilites] Lodestone ultimate sound
  100. [Interface] Ladder uses old data
  101. [Animations] <altavatar /> model/art stuff doesn't propagate to illusions
  102. [Effects] Smuggler Flint - Money Shot (Flint Spellslinger)
  103. [Game Play] earning 1000 silver per match
  104. [Game Play] Fate has banned an already picked hero
  105. [Spells/Abilites] Circe / Parasite Infest Interaction
  106. [Graphics] Inappropriate female avatars graphics on low settings
  107. [Spells/Abilites] Corrupted Disciple - Overload stays after player terminated
  108. [Game Play] Puppet Master ultimate counts as a hero when dying
  109. [Interface] Old Replays Compatize Hangs
  110. [Animations] Illithiphelia Shoulderpad Bone Visual Stretching
  111. [Spells/Abilites] Tork (Engineer) - Energy Field (Death Sound)
  112. [Game Play] Possible AMD Driver Incompatibility with HoN
  113. [Typo] When Courier Dies It Shows Some Strange Error in description!
  114. [Interface] TMM queuing unranked when filters are set for ranked
  115. [Animations] Berserker Alt Avatar: Orbode
  116. Conquest Maliken only 30 silver
  117. [Interface] Spell tooltip getting stuck in replays after changing perspective
  118. [Game Play] Your download doesn't include a working Rift Wars map.
  119. [Game Play] Neutral creep return path - faulty pathing blocks neutral respawn behaviour
  120. [Game Play] Circe's Deceive and TAB
  121. [Spells/Abilites] Berzerker with staff of the master
  122. [Graphics] Updater ruined my client
  123. [Fog] Ward vision around kongor area.
  124. [Spells/Abilites] Sand Wraith Dissipiate - does no damage to unit bound to a projectile
  125. [Spells/Abilites] Spells that don't apply Spell Sunder's damage state
  126. [Graphics] Solstice Avatars Night form in store
  127. [Interface] Black screen when reconnecting to a public game without taking a slot
  128. [Spells/Abilites] Walkthrough Bot + Illusion rune crash
  129. [Spells/Abilites] Certain subskills with modifier keys not working in-game (but looks fine in a replay)
  130. [Spells/Abilites] Salomon ultimate form disappearing when adjusted HP goes to 0 on the same frame Salomon casts
  131. [Graphics] Low graphics settings for Omen Jeraziah & Edium Corrupted Disciple
  132. [Interface] Hero Usage Statistics in Learnatorium - Win/Loss Display
  133. [Graphics] Amanda Panda - Weapon Graphic Inconsistency
  134. [Effects] staff of the master on hope
  135. [Spells/Abilites] Klanx - H.A.W.K
  136. [Spells/Abilites] Charge-based skills stop when neutrals go into fog
  137. [Graphics] Kongor has Franken Kongor Model / Texture
  138. [Graphics] Forsaken archer (clockwork archer) auto-attack graphics
  139. [Spells/Abilites] Rampage's magic immunity with Restoration Stone
  140. [Graphics] Circe ult against Klanx with HAWK
  141. [Spells/Abilites] Serpent & Bone (Prophet) - Persecution
  142. [Animations] Cosmonaut Bubbles - Dropping Boots triggers Running Animation
  143. [Effects] Cosmonaut Bubbles - Shell Surf has same Sound Effect with Helmet
  144. [Exploit] Rampage displacing towers with Horned Strike (E)
  145. [Typo] Monarch - Crippling Pollen
  146. [Typo] Revenant - Mortification
  147. [Typo] Amun-Ra - Ashes to Ashes
  148. [Typo] Amun-Ra - Ignite
  149. [Typo] "Ring of the Teacher (Heroes)" and "Refreshing Ornament (Heroes)" cut off
  150. [Graphics] 3D portrait when transfigured or morphed is too close
  151. [Typo] Inconsistencies in tooltips with hero passives being off
  152. [Typo] Monkey King - Heavenly Vault
  153. [Typo] Master of Arms - Forked Lightning
  154. [Typo] Sir Benzington - Lance-A-Long
  155. [Typo] Grinex - Shadow Step
  156. [Typo] Nymphora - Teleport
  157. [Typo] Drunken Master - Lunge
  158. [Typo] Staff of the Master - Boosted (cuts off)
  159. [Typo] Staff of the Master - Highlighted upgrades
  160. [Typo] Staff of the Master - Some word in header gets removed
  161. [Art] Count and Vacation (Dampeer) - Vampiric Flight
  162. [Typo] Artillery - Mortar Shot & Electician - Electric Shield (Additional Information)
  163. [Game Play] Direct pathing does not work with trees
  164. [Interface] Buttons stay blue while Match Stats is loading if hovered over during this time
  165. [Interface] Wrong hero icon when reporting through replay
  166. [Interface] Practice mode settings appear to stay but don't actually
  167. [Typo] Bramble - Entangling Vine Wall
  168. [Animations] Poseidon tempest broken animation.
  169. [Crash] Time out when joining a game results in a crash
  170. [Typo] Kinesis with SotM doesn't have "(Boosted)" in ult header
  171. [Typo] Space Missing Between Ult name and "(Boosted)"
  172. [Typo] Blind Ban has extra punctuation if less than a full game
  173. [Typo] passiveeffect instead of passiveffect
  174. [Effects] Sound of MOA auto-attacks during fayde stun
  175. [Art] Some fields in <modifier /> keys within <altavatar /> keys do not ta
  176. [Animations] Post Haste animation gets messed up on hills
  177. [Typo] Post Haste status has wrong header
  178. [Typo] Glacial Downpour's tooltip slow mechanic incorrect
  179. [Game Play] <calculatedamage /> ignores Armor Penetration
  180. [Interface] Last games scores/stats showing after a complete stat reset.
  181. [Interface] Cooldown field in simple tooltips "taking" the value of previous ones if you have no cooldown
  182. [Sound] Gladiator - Showdown
  183. [Typo] Vindicator - Glyph of Silence
  184. [Typo] Sand Wraith - Mirage (Superior Magic)
  185. [Typo] Flux - Discharge (Superior Magic)
  186. [Typo] 2/22/2014 JinZero Tooltips
  187. [Typo] Nome's Wisdom - Aura Effects (Damage Shield)
  188. [Typo] 2/23/2014 Pearliza Tooltips
  189. [Game Play] Puppet Show and Runes + General Inconsistency
  190. [Spells/Abilites] Pharoah's Mummy Wall vs. charge-like skills
  191. [Typo] Damage reduction % showing incorrectly in replay
  192. [Exploit] Ophelia Ultimate Avatar blocking camps permanently
  193. [Effects] Tera Monarch (Monarch) - Chrysalis
  194. [Game Play] Post Haste going on cooldown after using Homecoming Stone
  195. [Typo] Boss abilities lack information
  196. [Interface] The post-game awards do not get moved correctly after reordering heroes
  197. [Game Play] Ultimate Ra Invis
  198. [Animations] Rhapsody - Protective Melody
  199. [Art] Temperance- Prisoner when on invisible before level 6.
  200. [Game Play] Can't tell who returns courier when using R
  201. [Typo] Astrolabe mislabeled in armor category / filter of shop
  202. [Game Play] Hero guide error for self-made guides
  203. [Spells/Abilites] Warbeast - Hellhounds Inivisiblity
  204. [Game Play] About Statistics (Match Stats)
  205. [Typo] Defiler - Grave Silence
  206. [Graphics] POG's symbol Bug.
  207. [Effects] Illusions can spawn in cliffs
  208. [Typo] Prisoner 945 - Prison Break
  209. [Typo] Barbed Armor - Void Talisman Interaction
  210. [Game Play] Sell values of items does not always match half of its buy value
  211. [Typo] Booboo Entangle (Detailed tooltip)
  212. [Art] Warbeast's Hellhounds lack their overhead bone
  213. [Spells/Abilites] Bombadier - Sticky Bomb
  214. [Graphics] Glorious Dark Lady & Miniaturization
  215. [Typo] Riftshards - Upgradeable Item
  216. [Typo] Shieldbreaker - Upgradeable Item
  217. [Typo] Lex Tailionis - Number
  218. [Typo] Upgradeable Items - Red Color Tags
  219. [Typo] Engineer Spider Mines charge refresh time incorrect
  220. [Typo] Tremble
  221. [Game Play] Hellbourne Easy Camp Leash range - ninja-change?
  222. [Typo] Tundra - Piercing Shards
  223. [Typo] Nomad - Mirage Strike
  224. [Interface] MMR incorrect when queuing for Match Making
  225. [Game Play] Leaver items are not upgradeable
  226. [Interface] Mentoring after watching RiftWars
  227. [Mac] Riptide water tile bug
  228. [Animations] Poseidon .. Tempest alt avatar bug
  229. [Spells/Abilites] Cthuluphant's aura only slowing heroes
  230. [Animations] Cosmonaut bubbles .. Ultimate edition bubbles alt avatar BUG
  231. [Mac] Riptide's ultimate form graphic bug (white)
  232. [Graphics] POG Succubus Skin "weird shadow" in middle of chest
  233. [Sound] In-game music stops playing after going through all tracks
  234. [Typo] Riptide tooltips (W)
  235. [Interface] Can't team chat in Hontour lobby
  236. [Interface] Pra Ram archer.
  237. [Graphics] Scouts arrows in quiver appearing buggy
  238. [Graphics] Missing textures with invis rune (big post)
  239. [Typo] Master of Arms - Ace up my Sleeve (Learnatorium)
  240. [Typo] Master of Arms - Weapon Enhancement (Learnatorium)
  241. [Typo] Gauntlet - Infernal Instability
  242. [Sound] Prisoner's shout when he uses his ultimate.
  243. [Art] Tremble - Hive Mind (Boris) (HoN Store/Learnatorium)
  244. [Art] WIldsoul - Summon Booboo (Booboo) (HoN Store/Learnatorium)
  245. [Effects] Master of Arms - Weapon Enhancement (3D Portrait)
  246. [Effects] Flux - Polarity Swap (3D Portrait)